Approved Procedure

Required by section 123 of the Electoral Act 2004

Approved by the Tasmanian Electoral Commission on 12 April 2005

For the purposes of section 123 of the Electoral Act 2004, the Tasmanian Electoral Commission approve the following procedure:

Procedure if elector has spoilt ballot paper.

If a voter, before depositing their ballot paper in the ballot box, claims that they have spoilt it by mistake or accident, an election official is to:

  • take back the spoilt ballot paper;
  • fold the ballot paper in half and cancel it by writing the word ‘Spoilt’ across the back;
  • place the ‘Spoilt’ ballot paper in an envelope provided by the Commissioner for the purpose;
  • seal the envelope and sign it in the space provided;
  • retain the envelope for later counting in accordance with section 141;
  • issue a new ballot paper to the elector.

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