Approved Procedure

Required by section 141 of the Electoral Act 2004

Approved by the Tasmanian Electoral Commission on 5 May 2005


For the purposes of section 141 of the Electoral Act 2004, the Tasmanian Electoral Commission approve the following procedure—

At the conclusion of polling at an ordinary polling place an election official is to–

(a) count any unused and spoilt ballot papers;
(b) verify the security of each ballot box;
(c) open each ballot box and remove the ballot papers;
(d) reject and count all informal ballot papers;
(e) count the number of first preference votes recorded for each candidate on ballot papers not rejected under paragraph (d);
(f) transmit the results of the count to the returning officer;
(g) reconcile all declaration envelopes issued or received;
(h) complete polling place management documents; and
(i) parcel and forward all ballot material to the returning officer

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