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Origin of name

The Division of Braddon takes its name from Sir Edward Braddon (1829-1904), Premier of Tasmania (1894-99) and a Member of the House of Representatives (1901-04).

Prior to 1955, Braddon was known as Darwin.


Braddon encompasses the West and North-West Coasts of Tasmania, along with King Island. The cities of Burnie and Devonport are in the division. Other major towns include Currie, Latrobe, Penguin, Rosebery, Queenstown, Smithton, Stanley, Strahan, Ulverstone, Waratah,  Wynyard and Zeehan.

Map of the division of Braddon 20,826 sq km

Number of electors on the Tasmanian Electoral Roll

72,016 (as at 19 February 2010)

 Sitting members

The Division of Braddon is both a state House of Assembly and a federal House of Representatives electorate.

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At the 2010 House of Assembly Election

Electors enrolled: 72,016
Electors voted: 67,773 (94.11%)
Informal votes: 3,297 (4.58%)

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