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Origin of name

The Division of Lyons takes its name from the only Tasmanian to be elected as Prime Minister, Joseph Lyons (1879-1939), who was Prime Minister between 1932 and 1939 and his wife, Dame Enid Lyons (1897-1981). Dame Enid was the first female member of the House of Representatives and was also the first female cabinet member, when she was elected in 1943 and appointed in 1949 respectively.

Prior to 1984, Lyons was known as Wilmot.


Lyons is a large rural division covering much of the State from Port Sorell and Beaconsfield townships in the north to New Norfolk and the Tasman Peninsula in the south. It also includes the northern Hobart suburbs, Bridgewater and Gagebrook. Other main towns include Bicheno, Bothwell, Brighton, CampbellTown, Deloraine, Evandale, Fingal, New Norfolk, Longford, Oatlands, Perth, Railton, St Marys, St Helens, Sheffield, Sorell, Swansea, Triabunna and Westbury.

33,212 sq km

Number of electors on the Tasmanian Electoral Roll

72,346 (as at 19 February 2010)

 Sitting members

The Division of Lyons is both a House of Assembly and a federal House of Representatives electorate.

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At the 2010 House of Assembly Election

Electors enrolled: 72,346
Electors voted: 67,810 (93.73%)
Informal votes: 3,367 (4.65%)

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