2009 Pembroke by-election

Final results

Election of Vanessa Goodwin confirmed

A by-election for the Legislative Council division of Pembroke is required to fill the vacancy created following the resignation of Allison Ritchie.

The division of Pembroke includes the following Clarence suburbs bordering the River Derwent:

  • Otago
  • Risdon and Risdon Vale
  • Geilston Bay, Lindisfarne and Rose Bay
  • Montagu Bay and Rosny
  • Warrane and Mornington
  • Bellerive
  • Howrah (excluding Howrah Gardens) and Tranmere


Polling places

Pre-poll and postal voting

Election timetable

Issue of the Writ at 6pm, Tuesday 30 June 2009
Close of rolls at 6pm, Tuesday 30 June 2009
Close of Nominations at 12 noon, Thursday 9 July 2009
Polling Day from 8am to 6pm, Saturday 1 August 2009

Media releases

Historical election results

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