Legislative Council electoral boundaries redistributions

From time to time the Legislative Council divisions have been subject to an electoral boundary redistribution.  At a redistribution, electoral boundaries may be moved to better suit the criteria set for the redistribution.

Recent redistributions

Until 1995, Legislative Council division boundaries were decided by the Parliament.  The Legislative Council Electoral Boundaries Act 1995 established in law the “one vote, one value” principle.

There have been three boundary redistributions since 1995.

  • 1995 Legislative Council electoral boundary redistribution
    in which the 19 Legislative Council divisions were redrawn so that all divisions had a similar number of electors.

  • 1998 Legislative Council electoral boundary redistribution
    in which 15 new divisions were created following the passing of a law to reduce the number of Legislative Council members from 19 to 15. 1998 electoral boundary redistribution.

  • 2007-08 Legislative Council electoral boundary redistribution
    in which the electoral boundaries were re-examined and adjusted where necessary to ensure all divisions still had similar numbers of electors. 2007-08 electoral boundary redistribution.

Under current Tasmanian legislation, a new redistribution is undertaken every 9 years by an independent Committee and Tribunal with a priority to ensure that all divisions contain the same number of electors, give or take 10%, four and a half years after the redistribution.

Boundary changes

Most boundary movements are small.

In some cases, the boundaries of a division will not change at all following a redistribution. This was the case at the 2008 electoral boundary redistribution for the divisions of Mersey, Montgomery and Murchison.

However in some cases, the area covered by a particular division can change dramatically. Where there are large boundary changes, a new name is usually given to the newly created division. There may also be other reasons why the name of a division is changed.

Allocating members

Following a boundary redistribution, the current members are allocated to one of the new divisions.  The allocation of members can be seen at the bottom of the election summary page.

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