Local government elections


Local Government elections arrangements (24 Jun 2013)


2013 West Coast Council by-elections

2012 West Coast Council by-election

2012 Sorell Council by-elections

2011 local government elections


General Information

What happens at local government elections

Who can vote at local government elections?

Nominating as a candidate

Local government directory (Local Government Division website, DPAC)

SMS reminder

Register now for an SMS reminder when it's time to vote

Previous elections

Election reports (1999-2011)

By-elections results (since the 2011 ordinary elections)

Recounts (since the 2011 ordinary elections)

Previous local government election webpages (pages displayed during elections)


Local Government enrolment form for corporate bodies

Local Government enrolment form for owner/occupiers

'Information for Candidates' booklet (May 2009)* + Supplement (June 2011)*

* Due to recent amendments to the Local Government Act 1993, our Information for Candidates manual is currently under review. An updated version will be available by early 2014. In the meantime, please contact the Tasmanian Electoral Commission on 1800 801 701 if you want to know more about the local government election nomination process.

Councillor nomination form

Mayor/Deputy Mayor nomination form

Appointment of scrutineer form


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