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  2014 Local Government Elections
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Elections Tasmania Preview of story of local government elections   Preview image of Glossary  
The Story of Local Government Elections in Tasmania

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Interactive map of Tasmania's Local Government areas

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Local Government Elections Gallery
2014 Local Government Candidate Handbook

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Television advertisements the Tasmanian Electoral Commission uses to tell people how and when to vote
Static Local Government Areas Map

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2014 Local Government Elections
TEC information page. Includes a great tool to find and read candidate statements online.

3 Levels of Government Preview of Andrew Inglis Clark
'A Look at 3 Levels of Government'
A brief overview of what each level of government is responsible for and how you're represented at each level in Tasmania.
Info Australians are represented at 3 levels - Local, State and Federal.

Each level of government is responsible for different things, but sometimes there is an overlap between them.
''Who Decides?' game

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'My Representatives'
Use this tool developed by the TEC to discover who represents you in Local, State and Federal government.

Active Citizenship

'Save our Bridge' game
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'Improve our Town' game
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Tasmanian Dams Referendum
Info These links take teachers to further information to help you prepare rich learning and teaching opportunities.  
'Playground Rules' The Learning Federation ID No L949.
An online interactive game that looks at conflict resolution in the playground in the beginning years of school.
'I Think' The Learning Federation ID No R6076.
An amazing animated video of a group of Australian children discussing what community is and means to them.
'Who Decides'
Clickable quiz that looks at many aspects of our daily lives & tests students' knowledge of which tier of government is responsible.
SRC resources
Tasmanian Local Government Association information page useful for background information.

'What is Local Government?'
Information page outlining the roles and responsibilities of local governments in Tasmania.

'Local Government Act 1993'
The Tasmanian Law that local governments operate under.

'Local Government Services & Joining In'
Teaching activitiy outline.
'Tax, Super and You'
Comprehensive education site about Taxation and Super. Look our for Activity A4.2, an interactive exploring how the 3 levels of government raise and spend revenue.
Local Government Association of Tasmania (LGAT)
Information page outlining what being a Councillor means.
LGAT Councillor Resource Kit.
'2014 Local Government Elections' - links to media releases, handbooks, forms and more.

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