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Make Your Vote Count

An animation about voting in Tasmanian House of Assembly elections.

Hare-Clark explained

Enjoy this animation - a light-hearted look at the Hare-Clark electoral system.

'Ballot of Power'

Watch this animation about postal voting in Tasmanian local government elections.

Local Government Election Awareness TV Campaign

A taster of the stunning ad campaign produced in Tasmania and launched at the 2014 Local Government elections.

'Behind the Scenes'

Listen to a radio interview behind the scenes at the 2014 Local Government elections

A Day in the Life of an OIC Return

This video is part of a series developed by the Tasmanian Electoral Commission as part of a comprehensive training package for polling place managers.

Legislative Council election awareness TV Campaign

A sample of the TV advertisement campaign created in Tasmania for the annual Legislative Council elections - this version is from the 2016 cycle.

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