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Process for Registering a Party

What is the Registration of Political Parties?

Political parties may apply to “register” under the Electoral Act 2004 with the Tasmanian Electoral Commission. Registration enables a party to list on Parliamentary ballot papers the names of party candidates under the name of the party.

It is not a process to establish a political party.

Updated Application forms

Please note the Tasmanian Electoral Commission approved an updated Application for Party Registration form and associated statutory declarations form on the 14th March 2017.

Please contact the TEC with any queries or for new forms - 1800 801 701.

How does a party apply to register?

Under the Electoral Act 2004, registering a political party requires an application by at least 100 members.

An application is to be made on a form available from the office of the TEC. The form requires the following details:

  • signature of the party secretary;
  • name of the party, and the ballot paper name;
  • written consent from an existing party if the name is the same as an existing party;
  • name and address of the persons to be the registered officer and deputy registered officer;
  • names and addresses of each of the (at least) 100 members who are supporting the application.
In order to be a registered member, registered officer or deputy registered officer, a person must be enrolled on the Tasmanian State electoral roll.

Each member is to complete a statutory declaration in which they declare they are a member of the party and that they support the application for registration of that party. (Statutory declaration forms for this purpose are also available from the office of the TEC.)

Once an application is received by the TEC and assessed as complying with the Act, a notice of the details of the applications must be published in the Government Gazette and the Mercury, Advocate and Examiner newspapers. This is required by section 45 of the Act, and means that the name and address of each person in the application are published.

A 30 day objection period commences the day after the publication of the notice during which a person may object against the registration of the party. The grounds for objection are listed in section 47 of the Act.

After this period, the Commission has 21 days in which to consider the application and any objections, and make a decision to accept or reject the application.

Apply to Register a Party

For more detailed information on the party registration process, and for the approved forms for applying to register, please contact the office of the TEC - 6208 8700.

About Applying Near Election Time

Please note that any action on an application for registration must be suspended in the event that a Tasmanian Parliamentary election commences. Such suspension applies until after the election period finishes.

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