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Legislative Council Elections 2019

2019 Elections

In 2019, electors enrolled in Montgomery, Nelson and Pembroke have the opportunity to shape their state.

Expected Election Calendar


Monday 1 April

Issue of the Writs & Close of Roll

12 noon

Thursday 11 April

Nominations Close

12 noon

Friday 12 April

Announcement of Nominations

Media release

Polling Day:

8am to 6pm
Saturday 4 May

Change to the ballot paper layout

The Commission has approved a new ballot paper configuration to trial at the 2019 Legislative Council elections. The new configuration shows both instructions above the list of candidates. The Commission agreed to trial the new configuration in light of the broad concerns in relation to the configuration of the Hobart City Councillor ballot paper.

Considering standing as a candidate?

Detailed election information and procedures, as well as requirements regarding campaigning, nominating and submitting candidate statements.

New in 2019: The TEC has updated its policy on candidate expenditure with changes to the reporting of re-used election material.

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Rolls will close at 6pm Monday 1 April.

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