Coronavirus and
the Election

What will a polling place / pre-poll centre look like during the COVID-19 restrictions?

Single-use mini pencils

You can bring your own pen or pencil, or take a fresh mini pencil and then dispose of it, or, take it home as a souvenir!

Touch-free sanitiser dispenser

Handy spray sanitiser dispensers will be at the entry of every polling place and pre-poll centre.

Regular cleaning

Throughout polling period, surfaces will be cleaned at regular intervals, and as required.

No democracy sausages

Unfortunately, the wonderful tradition of community sausage sizzles and baking stalls won’t be possible at these elections.

Perspex screens

Transparent screens in front of staff issuing ballot papers will help prevent the spread of the virus.

Maximum density limits

Each polling place and pre-poll centre has been measured and the recommended density limits will be monitored.

X marks the spot

To make it simple to keep your distance, every polling place and pre-poll centre will have clear markings indicating a minimum of 1.5m distance. This will extend to outside where queuing outside is needed.

Staff hygiene practices

The TEC is providing sufficient netbooks that staff won’t need to share when rotating roles. Staff will be washing / sanitising hands before and after breaks and between processes.

Not the time to have-a-chat

Another long-held tradition at Tasmanian polling days is the chance to catchup with others in your area, but this year we are discouraging any congregating to reduce the risk of infection.

Not feeling well?

Electors who are unwell will be offered car-side voting, or expedited through the polling place, with appropriate cleaning and hygiene measures taken.

Voting screens – distanced and easy clean

Easy to clean mats are in place on the writing surface of each voting screen and will be cleaned regularly. The screens will be assembled in a way that makes it easy for electors to vote privately, and at distance from other voters.

What if I am concerned about the risks of attending a polling place on polling day?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tasmanian Electoral Commission encourages you to consider your eligibility to vote by post or in person at a pre-poll centre:

Apply to vote by post

 Applications have closed.

Apply as soon as possible. Remember, postal services can be slow. The new earlier closing date for all postal vote applications is 4pm Friday 24 July 2020.
Look for the application form the TEC mailed to the Huon and Rosevears electors in the last week of June.

Vote early at a pre-poll centre

Pre-poll centres are open for 4 weeks at this election - every weekday between 8:30am to 6pm, until Friday 31 July. We expect this will mean fewer people in the pre-poll centres at any given time.

Coronavirus and the 2020 elections

Last chance to pre-poll - Media release, Thursday 30 July 2020 (opens in a new tab)

Early voting services - Media release, Friday 24 July 2020 (opens in a new tab)

Information packs mailed to electors required to vote on Saturday 1 August - Media release, Thursday 9 July 2020 (opens in a new tab)

Nominations announced - Media release, Friday 3 July 2020 (opens in a new tab)

Rolls closed, nomination period open - Media release, Wednesday 24 June 2020 (opens in a new tab)

New polling day for 2020 Legislative Council Elections is now set - Media Release, Friday 12 June 2020 (opens in a new tab)

Legislative Council elections to safely proceed - Attorney-General’s media release, Friday 12 June 2020 (opens in a new tab)

An update - Media Release, Friday 17 April 2020 (opens in a new tab)

Legislative Council Elections to be deferred - Attorney-General’s media release, Sunday 5 April 2020 (opens in a new tab)

Additional measures in place to maintain election integrity - Media Release, Tuesday 24 March 2020 (opens in a new tab)

An update - Media Release, Tuesday 17 March 2020 (opens in a new tab)

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