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Legislative Council By-election 2017

Saturday 4 November

Your Candidates

Your Pembroke By-election candidates.

Ways to Vote on or before Polling Day

Services to help you have your say in the Pembroke Legislative Council By-election on polling day, or if you need to vote early.

Election Dates

Important dates you need to know

Election Calendar


Wednesday 4 October

Issue of the Writs & Close of Roll

12 noon

Thursday 12 October

Nominations Close

12 noon

Friday 13 October

Announcement of Nominations

Polling Day:

8am to 6pm
Saturday 4 November

Information for Candidates.

The 2017 Handbook and Nomination forms are available here.

The Division of Pembroke*

Pembroke encompasses that part of the Clarence City municipal area lying west of the Meehan Range and includes Otago, Risdon Vale, Geilston Bay, Lindisfarne, Rose Bay, Rosny, Bellerive, Warrane, Mornington, Howrah and Tranmere. It does not include the area known as Howrah Gardens.

* To provide a period of transition to the new boundaries, Section 29 of the Legislative
Council Electoral Boundaries Act 1995 doesn’t allow new boundaries to be used
before 1 January 2018, therefore this by-election will use the previous boundary.


Preview of Pembroke division map

Unable to Vote on Polling Day?  You can still have your say!

Apply now for a Postal Vote, or for an Express Vote if you'll be out of Tasmania:

postal application icon Postal vote

Applications are available at any post office within the divisions, or online (PDF opens in a new tab)

Postal Vote Application Form   

express application icon Express vote
A way to vote using email or fax. Express voting is available to electors who are not in Tasmania (or are in an isolated area of Tasmania*) on Saturday 4 November, and are unable to vote at a pre-poll centre, or an interstate electoral office, or via postal vote.
*Particularly remote islands such as Maria and Maatsuyker Islands. Tasmanians stationed in Antarctica are also eligible to use an Express Vote.
Apply online for an Express Vote to be delivered to you by email or fax.

Express Vote Application Form   

Note - Ballot materials cannot be issued until after the announcement of nominations.

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