Robson rotation discussion paper -
Summary of responses

 Robson Rotation Discussion Paper

April 2008
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Options included in the paper

The paper provided and discussed four options in relation to House of Assembly, Legislative Council and local government elections:

Option 1 – The ACT system

Option 2 – The full extension of Robson rotation

Option 3 – Double the number of current rotations

Option 4 – Maintain the current system

Summary of responses

Submission made by


1. Terry Newman Supported option 3 to reduce the effect of linear & circular voting.
HoA & LC should have the same rotations.
2. Hobart City Council
(considered local government elections only)
Supported no change for LG elections (option 4).
3. Local Government Association
(considered local government elections only)
Linear voting is not a large problem.
Widespread council support for option 4.
4. Hon. Neil Robson There appears to be little advantage to any change (option 4).
5. Dean Jeansch
(academic & electoral commentator)
Option 3 is a sensible compromise.
6. AEC divisions of Bass and Lyons LC and LG do not require changes.
Option 4 is acceptable for HoA, however, option 3 if there is a demand for change.
7. Malcolm Mackerras
(academic & electoral commentator)
Supported option 4
8. Antony Green
(electoral commentator and analyst)
Option 3 is the most practical option.
Change should be limited to HoA elections
9. Michael Field
(considered House of Assembly elections only)
Option 3 would lessen the problems currently occurring in
HoA elections.