Legislative Council elections 2023

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Ways to vote

Saturday 6 May is polling day for the Tasmanian Legislative Council divisions of Launceston, Murchison and Rumney.
Voting is compulsory.

If you are unable to vote on polling day, you may be eligible to vote early by one of these alternatives:

Details are provided below.

Voting in person on polling day

Vote in person from 8am to 6pm Saturday 6 May 2023 at any polling place.

Polling place details will be published on this website in the week after the announcement of candidates. You will also find a complete list in the newspaper on polling day.

Voting early

 Early voting is not possible until after candidates are announced and ballot papers prepared. Pre-poll and postal voting commences from Monday 17 April.

If you are unable to vote on polling day, you must vote early by pre-poll or postal voting. Interstate and overseas electors have an additional option. See below for options and eligibility.

Pre-poll voting

Voting in person at a pre-poll centre.

For electors who are:

In Tasmania

and can't vote on polling day





  1. You attend the pre-poll centre
  2. You declare you are unable to attend a polling place on polling day
  3. You record your vote and place it in the ballot box.


From Monday 17 April to Friday 5 May 2023, between 8:30am and 5:30pm. Extended until 6pm Friday 5 May.
Note, some centres will only be open for the final week of this period.


Tasmanian and interstate locations to be advised. Check back here closer to commencement for location details and opening hours for each.

Postal voting

Voting by post.

For electors who are:

In Tasmania



  very slow. See interstate and overseas voting.


  1. You apply for a postal vote
  2. We check your enrolment and send you a ballot pack
  3. You record your vote and post it back.


Apply as soon as possible. Remember, postal services can be slow.

Applications close 4pm Friday 28 April 2023.

Receiving your voting pack

Postal ballot packs will be sent to approved applicants from Monday 17 April.

The Australia Post service standard for delivery of priority mail is 2 business days in Tasmania and 2-4 business days for interstate.

If you haven’t received your pack by Thursday 4 May, you may want to consider voting at a pre-poll centre or at a polling place on polling day. Those with difficulty accessing a polling place, can attend a polling place in a vehicle (with or without a postal voting pack) and we can assist you with car-side voting.

Returning your vote

You must record your vote before 6pm on polling day, Saturday 6 May.

We can receive returned postal votes until 10am Tuesday 16 May.

 Like ordinary and pre-poll voting, postal voting maintains the secrecy of the vote.

Interstate and overseas voting

Interstate pre-poll and postal voting is available to you; however, voting by phone might be the most accessible option for you.

Voting by phone is only available to electors who are out of Tasmania.

For electors who are:

In Tasmania




To vote by phone:
  1. Consider your vote. Review the candidates and decide your preferences.
  2. During the phone voting service hours (see below) call the TEC on +61 3 6208 8700 and select the ‘interstate or overseas elector’ option. Have a pen and paper handy.
  3. The phone voting registration team member will check if you’re enrolled to vote in the Legislative Council elections and that you haven’t already voted. If you are eligible, they will ask you to write down your unique phone voting code.
  4. To help maintain the secrecy of your vote, you will then be transferred to a separate phone voting team who will ask for your unique phone voting code, and then record your preferences on a ballot paper before placing it in a secure ballot box.


Early voting - between 8:30am and 5:30pm, Hobart time, from Monday 1 May to Friday 5 May 2023. Extended until 6pm Friday 5 May.

Polling Day - between 8am and 6pm, Hobart time, Saturday 6 May 2023.

 This service is not available to silent electors.

Services for vision impaired electors

As at previous elections, VI-Vote terminals will be available throughout the voting period. These specially designed systems provide enhanced audio, visual and printing capabilities to assist vision impared electors.

Other options include postal voting or voting in person on or before polling day with the assistance of an electoral official.

VI-Vote locations are to be advised. Check back here closer to commencement of early voting for further details.

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