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Legislative Council election tagline - Your division. Your vote. Your voice.

2024 Legislative Council elections

Periodic elections were conducted for the Upper House divisions of Hobart and Prosser. Additionally, a by-election was held concurrently to fill the member vacancy for the division of Elwick.

Polling day was Saturday 4 May 2024.

Remember, voting in the Legislative Council elections is compulsory.

There are fifteen Legislative Council divisions:

On Saturday 5 August 2017, new Legislative Council electoral boundaries came into effect due to the completion of the 2016-17 Legislative Council Electoral Boundaries Redistribution process.
New maps and division descriptions 

You can learn more about the redistribution and new boundaries here .

Previous Legislative Council elections

Archived election pages and results summaries.

2023 Legislative Council elections

Launceston, Murchison, and Rumney.

The periodic election cycle

Elections are conducted on a 6 year periodic cycle. Elections for 3 members are held in May one year, with elections for 2 members held in May the following year and so on. Each elector may only have one opportunity to vote in Legislative Council elections once every 6 years.

Quarterly enrolment -

Under section 9 of the Legislative Council Electoral Boundaries Act 1995, the Electoral Commissioner is to publish quarterly Legislative Council enrolment figures.

The periodic cycle

Periodic Legislative Council elections are held on the first Saturday in May each year, as outlined below:

Historic data
2025 Montgomery History
Nelson History
Pembroke History
2026 Huon History
Rosevears History
2027 Derwent History
Mersey History
Windermere History
2028 Elwick History
McIntyre History
2029 Launceston History
Murchison History
Rumney History
2030 Hobart History
Prosser History

Electing 2 Houses of Parliament

A great infographic comparing the differences in electing the 2 houses of Parliament in Tasmania.

Analysis of participation at the 2021 Legislative Council elections

With lower than expected turnouts at the 2021 Legislative Council elections, and reports of some Derwent and Windermere electors attending polling places where Legislative Council ballot papers were not available, the Commission has completed a report on voter participation for these elections, which has been provided to the Legislative Council.