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 This by-election is not to be confused with the separate, state-wide, local government elections in September-October. Learn more

Ways to vote

Saturday 10 September is polling day for the Tasmanian Legislative Council division of Pembroke by-election and voting is compulsory.

Voting options for the Tasmanian Legislative Council elections:

There are also voting options for overseas electors.

Voting in person on polling day

Vote in person from 8am to 6pm Saturday 10 September 2022 at a polling place near you.

Polling place details are available from the link below. Lists of polling places will also be published in the newspaper on polling day.

Find your nearest polling place here or check your newspaper on polling day.

Isolating with COVID?

If you are required to be in isolation on polling day due to COVID, please call 1800 801 701 for voting options.

Voting early options

If you are unable to vote on polling day, you must vote early. You can vote in person at the Pembroke pre-poll centre or in a capital city interstate. Overseas electors can also vote early (or on polling day) by calling 1800 801 701.

Pre-poll voting

Voting in person at the pre-poll centre.

For electors who are:

In Tasmania

and can't vote on polling day





  1. You attend the pre-poll centre
  2. You declare you are unable to attend a polling place on polling day
  3. You record your vote and place it in the ballot box.


From Monday 15 August to Friday 9 September 2022, between 8:30am and 6pm.


Locality:  Bellerive
Address:  Clarence Uniting Church, Corner Cambridge Road & York Street
 Vision impaired voting service

Interstate electors can find interstate pre-poll locations below.

Overseas voting

Voting by post or phone.

For electors who are:

In Tasmania




  Overseas electors can apply to vote by post.

Telephone icon.  If you are unable to vote by post, you can vote by telephone in the last week of early voting, or on polling day.

 Phone voting service for overseas electors will be available from Monday 5 September.


To vote by phone:
  1. Consider your vote. Review the candidates candidates and decide your preferences.
  2. During the phone voting service hours (see below) call the TEC on +61 3 6208 8700 and select the ‘overseas’ option. Have a pen and paper handy.
  3. The phone voting registration team member will check if you’re enrolled to vote in the Pembroke by-election and that you haven’t already voted. If you are eligible, they will ask you to write down your unique phone voting code.
  4. To help maintain the secrecy of your vote, you will then be transferred to a separate phone voting team who will ask for your unique phone voting code, and then record your preferences on a ballot paper before placing it in a secure ballot box.


Early voting - between 8:30am and 6pm, Hobart time, from Monday 5 September to Friday 9 September 2022.

Polling Day - between 8am and 6pm, Hobart time, Saturday 10 September 2022.

Postal voting

  Applications have closed.

Voting by post.

For electors who are:

In Tasmania



  very slow. see Overseas voting section.

now closed


  1. You apply for a postal vote
  2. We check your enrolment and send you a ballot pack
  3. You record your vote and post it back.


Apply as soon as possible. Remember, postal services can be slow.

Applications close 4pm Friday 2 September 2022.

  Applications have closed.

Receiving your voting pack

The Australia Post service standard for delivery of priority mail is 2 business days in Tasmania and 2-4 business days for interstate.

If you haven’t received your pack by Thursday 8 September, you may want to consider voting at the pre-poll centre or at a polling place on polling day. Those with difficulty accessing a polling place, can attend a polling place in a vehicle (with or without a postal voting pack) and we can assist you with car-side voting.

Returning your vote

You must record your vote before 6pm on polling day, Saturday 10 September.

We can receive returned postal votes until 10am Tuesday 20 September.

 Like ordinary and pre-poll voting, postal voting maintains the secrecy of the vote.

Pre-poll voting in Pembroke

If you can't vote on polling day, you can vote early.

The Bellerive pre-poll centre will be open 8:30am-6pm weekdays commencing Monday 15 August 2022 until Friday 9 September.

Locality:  Bellerive
Address:  Clarence Uniting Church, Corner Cambridge Road & York Street
 Vision impaired voting service

Interstate pre-poll voting locations

Pre-poll centres are available at state and territory electoral commissions offices within Australia.

Interstate pre-poll centres

Voting at interstate pre-poll centres will be available after the ballot papers arrive in each office, see voting status below. Centres will be issuing votes during their normal business hours until Friday 9 September.

State or territory:  ACT
Organisation:  Elections ACT
Pre-poll address:  Level 5 Nara Centre, 3 Constitution Ave, Canberra City
Special requirements: Please call (02) 6205 0033 to arrange voting by appointment.

State or territory:  NSW
Organisation:  NSW Electoral Commission
Pre-poll address:  231 Elizabeth Street, Sydney
Special requirements: Voting by appointment only.

State or territory:  NT
Organisation:  Northern Territory Electoral Commission
Pre-poll address:  Level 3, TCG Centre, 80 Mitchell Street, Darwin

State or territory:  QLD
Organisation:  Electoral Commission of Queensland
Pre-poll address:  Level 20, 1 Eagle Street, Brisbane City

State or territory:  SA
Organisation:  Electoral Commission SA
Pre-poll address:  Level 6, 60 Light Square, Adelaide

State or territory:  VIC
Organisation:  Victorian Electoral Commission
Pre-poll address:  Level 11, 530 Collins Street, Melbourne

Services for vision impaired electors


Prior to polling day, VI-Vote is provided for the Pembroke Legislative Council by-election at the pre-poll centre.

Other voting options

Other options include postal voting or voting in person with assistance. If voting in person, just ask at the issuing desk on arrival and an electoral official will be pleased to assist. For further information, please call 1800 801 701.

On polling day

On polling day VI-Vote will be available at the Clarence Police & Community Youth Club Inc (Hall), 10 Scott St.

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