Dorset Council By-Elections

By-elections, conducted by postal ballot, are to be held to fill vacancies for mayor and one councillor following the death of Mayor Barry Jarvis on 3 June 2015.

9am Monday 22 June   Nominations Open

6pm Thursday 25 June   Rolls Close

12 noon Tuesday 7 July   Nominations Close

12 noon Wednesday 8 July   Announcement of Nominations

Polling Period:

Tuesday 14 July to 10am Tuesday 28 July


Candidate names are listed above in alphabetical order, but they will be rotated on ballot papers.

Candidate Statements

Each elector receives a ballot pack containing ballot paper/s and a booklet which has voting instructions and statements from the candidates for that Council.

This online version contains web links where provided by candidates
(pdf booklet opens in a new tab):⤵

Voting at Local Government Elections

Local government elections in Tasmania are a full postal ballot.

This means there is a 'polling period', rather than one polling day as for state Parliamentary elections. Every elector will be sent their very own postal ballot pack at their postal address. You then have around 2 weeks to complete and post your vote back to the returning officer for your council. In 2015 the Dorset By-election polling period is between Tuesday 14 July to 10am Tuesday 28 July.

The successful candidate for mayor must either be a serving councillor or be elected to fill the concurrent councillor vacancy.

If you are outside of Tasmania during the Tuesday 14 July to 10am Tuesday 28 July polling period, you may apply for an express vote.

Between 14th and17th July, keep your eye on the mailbox for your ballot pack, which will look likethis:

link to2014 LG candidate handbook

Candidate Handbook

If you would like a hard copy of the Candidate Information Booklet, please call the TEC on 1800 801 701 and we will post one to you.