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Elector Poll 2019

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The Tasmanian Electoral Commission has been requested by the Tasman Council to conduct an elector poll.

Tasman electors will be asked to answer ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ to the following question —

Do you support the amalgamation of Tasman and Sorell councils into one council?

Elector poll completed

Result (media release)

Poll calendar


Thursday 7 March

Enrolment closes


Wednesday 13 March

Ballot material delivered to electors by post


Tuesday 9 April

Close of polling

Media releases

Elector Poll

Who can vote?

Are you on the State electoral roll?

If you are currently on the electoral roll, you are automatically on the Local Government roll for the municipal area (council) in which your enrolled address is located.

If you are eligible to be on the state electoral roll but are not correctly enrolled, you can:

To be enrolled correctly for the Tasman Council elector poll we need to have received your completed enrolment form before 6pm Thursday 7 March 2019.

What if I have a shack or a shop—or if I’m not an Australian citizen?

You are also eligible to be on the Local Government roll if:

  • you own or occupy land in a municipal area different from where you are enrolled on the state electoral roll, or
  • you are the nominated representative of a corporate body which owns or occupies land in the municipal area.

To enrol under these special provisions you need to complete the appropriate enrolment form:

To be enrolled under these special provisions for the Tasman elector poll you need to ensure that the General Manager for the Council in which you are enrolling has your completed enrolment form before 6pm Thursday 7 March 2019.


You’ll receive a postal ballot pack containing your ballot paper, instructions, a ballot paper envelope and a reply paid envelope for returning your vote.

If you don’t get a postal ballot pack by Friday 15 March or if you have difficulty in voting, phone 1800 801 701 – we will be pleased to help. Or, you may apply and vote at the Tasman Council, 1713 Main Road, Nubeena, during business hours from Wednesday 13 March until 10am Tuesday 9 April 2019.

Where can I find more information?

Head to the Tasman Council website.

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