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Instructions and candidate statements

Accessible HTML format. Statements are also available in PDF format with candidate photos and web links.

Voting is now compulsory

Your vote must be received by 2pm on Tuesday 25 October 2022

Don’t delay – late votes won’t be counted!


There are 3 elections being held for Circular Head Council:

As well as this booklet, your postal ballot pack contains:

The ballot paper envelope has been specially designed to ensure the secrecy of your vote.

All returned envelopes are kept unopened under tight security until they are checked for validity.

After a sealed envelope has been verified, the flap showing the elector’s personal details and signature is removed under instruction of the returning officer, in the presence of witnesses, and securely stored until the close of the poll.

After the close of the poll and in the presence of witnesses, the now anonymous envelopes are opened in large random batches before the unidentified ballots are removed for examination and counting.

Successful candidates for Mayor and Deputy Mayor must also be elected as councillors to be able to accept these offices.

The Mayor, Deputy Mayor and councillors you elect will serve until October 2026.

Questions? Call 1800 801 701

Postal services take a number of days, so it is important to complete and return your vote now.

Your vote must be received by 2pm on Tuesday 25 October 2022


Follow these five easy steps:

1. Get to know the candidates

Candidates were invited to provide a statement and photo for your consideration*.

Statements appear in alphabetical order but the names on the ballot papers are rotated.

The online version of this booklet contains web links where provided by candidates.

2. Record your vote

Number the boxes on each ballot paper from 1 onwards in the order of your choice.

For the election of 9 councillors, number the boxes from 1 to 13 in order of your choice, Number at least 5 boxes to make your vote count.

For the election of Mayor, number the boxes from 1 to 3 in order of your choice. Number at least one box to make your vote count.

For the election of Deputy Mayor, number the boxes from 1 to 4 in the order of your choice. Number at least one box to make your vote count.

3. Make your vote secret

Put your completed ballot papers in the ballot paper envelope, which is the smaller envelope with the wider flap, and seal it securely.

4. Validate your vote

Sign your ballot paper envelope in the box on the flap to declare that you are the voter named on this envelope and you have voted on the ballot papers in this envelope. You must sign the envelope and leave the flap attached — or your vote won’t be counted. The returning officer will remove the flap with your details on it before opening the envelope.

Then put your ballot paper envelope in the reply-paid envelope — the larger envelope — and seal it.

5. Post your vote

Post your reply paid envelope straight away (no stamp needed), or take your vote to the Circular Head Council office.

*Statements are reproduced substantially as supplied by candidates.


Candidate for councillor, mayor

I offer myself to the residents of Circular Head for the roles of councillor and mayor.

I feel very privileged that I have been able to serve the community in the role of councillor over the last four years. I believe I have been willing to give proper open-minded consideration to all proposals that have come before Council whilst also considering what is the best result for the whole of our community. I still have plenty to offer and have the commitment and energy to fulfil the role of mayor and intend to give it my full focus. I respectfully ask for your vote.


Candidate for councillor

Having lived in the area for over 30 years I am passionate about our region and our people. Self-employed for over 25 years, I'm a single mother of three teenagers and enjoy interacting with the broader community.

I freely give my time to others and was recently awarded life membership of the Forest-Stanley football club (coach and trainer). I understand the importance of working in a team to achieve positive results and am not afraid of robust discussion to understand issues and achieve favourable outcomes. I am seeking a role on Council so that I can make a positive impact on our community.


Candidate for councillor

I'm a 'tell it like it is' person, future focused and care deeply about our community - where we have come from and where we are going. I have extensive experience in local government. My first job was at Circular Head Council and I've been developing all kinds of technology since. Our next Council has a vital role to play in managing our viability and the social issues we face as well as shaping our community identity. I can't learn anything from people who just agree with me.

I value diversity and welcome working with you as your councillor and bringing my experience to the role.

DAWES, Annette

Candidate for councillor, deputy mayor

Building a better community starts with an honest and transparent Council. My passion for the community of Circular Head is at the forefront of my reasons for announcing my candidacy. I have spent my life teaching in local schools and in the arts and owned a small business in Circular Head with my husband Brett.

Listening to and acting on the concerns of our rate payers is vital for ensuring our community is stronger and more inclusive for generations to come. I have lived in Circular Head for almost 50 years and if elected will strive to represent my community with the utmost integrity.


Candidate for councillor

I'm Rodney, a farmer from Forest. I have lived in and around the Circular Head region for the past 33 years. I have 2 young daughters and enjoy spending time on the west coast and fishing.

I am committed to increase accountability and transparency and uphold our community values. (e.g west coast motorbike riding, 4X4, fishing, hunting and gathering and track access). The communities voice should be heard and taken into consideration when deciding our future. Let my voice be your voice.


Candidate for councillor

I am seeking your support to be elected, to give our community a strong voice representing issues that are not being addressed well enough. My wife Gina and I have lived in the area over 16 years and love it and the people we have met and worked with in rural health, community education training, Tas Fire Services and APCA management committee. I have extensive experience in private sector business development, management, marketing, and overseeing the financial health and performance of organisations and bring that experience and independent voice to Council in representing your best interests.

HINE, Tony

Candidate for councillor, deputy mayor

As a life resident of Circular Head who continues to work on the land and volunteer in community organisations I have a proven commitment to the community. This has enabled me to listen to residents' thoughts about community issues and opportunities.

I want to encourage residential and business development for our natural resources and assets such as tourism and agriculture as well as preserve and protect our unique environment to enhance our vibrant community. I am a keen listener and will make myself available to you to continue as a councillor and deputy mayor if elected to those positions.

LONG, Isaac

Candidate for councillor

A local family man and business owner, who will be an active member of our community, that will create positive change through team work, initiative and dedication. I will be an advocate for the voice of our community and look to seek what is truly beneficial to further progress our area.

I have worked with the education department and councils through arts, literature and public speaking through youth/disability programs. I will look to create opportunities for our youths futures to prosper locally. I wish to make my late grandfather (Dodger Long) proud by following his footsteps into Council.

McNAB, John

Candidate for councillor

My family moved from NZ 28 years ago as we could see opportunities in dairy farming in Circular Head. I am passionate about our region, and if you want someone with a plan for now and a vision for the future, then vote 1 McNab as your councillor.

With no population growth for the last 20 years, and few new dwellings being built over the same period, it's no wonder Circular Head businesses are unable to fill worker vacancies. We need to attract new families to our region. Council needs to increase its rate base by rezoning more residential land, but in areas where people want to live.


Candidate for councillor, mayor

I am asking this community to consider me as your number 1 choice for councillor and mayor.

I will provide strong leadership to actively promote growth and development in our community. I will ensure our rates are kept to a minimum and money is spent wisely, our ratepayers concerns are dealt with in a professional manner. I support industry and business which creates growth. I strongly support our valuable organisations in the area of education, health and sport to maintain a healthy community. I look forward to working with all forms of governments in the best interest of this community.


Candidate for councillor, mayor

I believe in long term strategic planning. To me, this is looking at what is good from the past and present, and what opportunities and needs are seen in the future. A broad-based plan is then developed that encourages growth and wealth creation, in a framework that cares for the environment and community wellbeing. I will use my time on Council working to improve Circular Head.

Visit Stephen Pilkington on Facebook.


Candidate for councillor, deputy mayor

Advocating for our community, social issues, financial control, foresight, planning, asset management, plus efficient services are areas that I will focus on as an elected councillor. As deputy mayor, my local government experience will enable me to support the new mayor and councillors.

Investment in our diverse industries and skills training will increase business confidence and job creation for our youth, plus encouraging families to live here. Vision, passion, energy along with my proven leadership and analytic skills gives me confidence to be your Council representative and deputy mayor.

WELLS, Melissa

Candidate for councillor, deputy mayor

We need a strong Council with good governance, transparency and accountability. Working together for the best outcomes for the whole community and being a voice for change are some of my goals. I love this place and have passionately voiced my opinion on issues that have affected our community in the past.

I'm a person of action and will encourage community involvement and working as a team to get the best outcomes for all of Circular Head. I think housing, mental health and employment are some issues we face moving into the future and look forward to representing you, the electors. Vote 1 Melissa.