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Devonport City Council

Instructions and candidate statements

Accessible HTML format. Statements are also available in PDF format with candidate photos and web links.

Voting is now compulsory

Your vote must be received by 2pm on Tuesday 25 October 2022

Don’t delay – late votes won’t be counted!


There are 3 elections being held for Devonport City Council:

As well as this booklet, your postal ballot pack contains:

The ballot paper envelope has been specially designed to ensure the secrecy of your vote.

All returned envelopes are kept unopened under tight security until they are checked for validity.

After a sealed envelope has been verified, the flap showing the elector’s personal details and signature is removed under instruction of the returning officer, in the presence of witnesses, and securely stored until the close of the poll.

After the close of the poll and in the presence of witnesses, the now anonymous envelopes are opened in large random batches before the unidentified ballots are removed for examination and counting.

Successful candidates for Mayor and Deputy Mayor must also be elected as councillors to be able to accept these offices.

The Mayor, Deputy Mayor and councillors you elect will serve until October 2026.

Questions? Call 1800 801 701

Postal services take a number of days, so it is important to complete and return your vote now.

Your vote must be received by 2pm on Tuesday 25 October 2022


Follow these five easy steps:

1. Get to know the candidates

Candidates were invited to provide a statement and photo for your consideration*.

Statements appear in alphabetical order but the names on the ballot papers are rotated.

The online version of this booklet contains web links where provided by candidates.

2. Record your vote

Number the boxes on each ballot paper from 1 onwards in the order of your choice.

For the election of 9 councillors, number the boxes from 1 to 12 in order of your choice, Number at least 5 boxes to make your vote count.

For the election of Mayor, number the boxes from 1 to 3 in order of your choice. Number at least one box to make your vote count.

For the election of Deputy Mayor, number the boxes from 1 to 6 in the order of your choice. Number at least one box to make your vote count.

3. Make your vote secret

Put your completed ballot papers in the ballot paper envelope, which is the smaller envelope with the wider flap, and seal it securely.

4. Validate your vote

Sign your ballot paper envelope in the box on the flap to declare that you are the voter named on this envelope and you have voted on the ballot papers in this envelope. You must sign the envelope and leave the flap attached — or your vote won’t be counted. The returning officer will remove the flap with your details on it before opening the envelope.

Then put your ballot paper envelope in the reply-paid envelope — the larger envelope — and seal it.

5. Post your vote

Post your reply paid envelope straight away (no stamp needed), or take your vote to the Devonport City Council office.

*Statements are reproduced substantially as supplied by candidates.

ENNISS, Gerard

Candidate for councillor, deputy mayor

I want people to feel connected to our city, be informed, feel part of the decision-making process and know their voice is being heard. I've shown I can connect with all people, listen, simplify and represent with proven leadership. I am approachable. I have energy and enthusiasm to progress the good work and build upon our success and develop the city beyond the river precincts. My actions make me trustworthy. I consider all views in our community, act respectfully and make decisions to improve our city. I'm asking for your support by voting 1, Gerard Enniss for councillor and deputy mayor.

HOLLISTER, Peter Graham

Candidate for councillor, deputy mayor

Devonport is a fantastic city and I am passionate about its development. The Living City project has invigorated Devonport but it's not finished yet. I support further development to continue to energise the city, increase business and create jobs for our people. I will also work to encourage more state and national events that bring increased visitors and economic activity.

Raised in Devonport I am a Vietnam veteran, former business owner and former disability carer. I am a life member of Youth Family and Community Connections. An experienced, progressive, and committed councillor.

JARMAN, Alison

Candidate for councillor, mayor

No political agenda & independent, I will base my decisions on fact & will use my 11 years on Council to lead as an accountable & hard working mayor of a city I am proud of, where I grew up, & excited for our region's future. As your deputy mayor I aimed for low rates, environment change, free parking and tip days due to cost of living & lack of housing pressures. I have a proven record of consulting & asking the tough questions when needed. I support Council resource sharing, waste & food organic systems, better access & inclusion & a strong voice for all residents, businesses & retailers.


Candidate for councillor, mayor

I am asking for your # 1 vote so we can build on my unique record, delivering for Devonport. Our community is healthier, stronger & fairer because of campaigns to maintain & boost services at Mersey Hospital, to deliver huge urban investment through Living City & to ensure Devonport children don't miss out on breakfast or learning opportunities. I have secured more Devonport tourism & jobs by backing local attractions, sports, the arts & increasing flight choices. I am 100 per cent for Devonport. Together we can achieve so much more! Vote 1 Steve Martin for mayor and councillor. Thank you.

MILNE, Tammy

Candidate for councillor

Truth telling, honesty and transparency are my core values. Council is a community business and all stakeholders should get a say. Secret deals are the death of democracy. I stand up to bullies. I stand up against deception and I care deeply about our home and the future. Devonport is a beautiful place to live and we need to protect our lifestyle. Plant more trees for shade, make sure our footpaths are safe to walk on, provide safe spaces for all to enjoy and acknowledge that disabled and elderly and LGBTIQ+ are valued and cared for along with all the diversity of our city. Equity for all!

MOORE, Alison

Candidate for councillor

As a local high school teacher, mother to four teenagers and wife, I have an on-the-ground understanding of the needs and wants of the people of Devonport. I am focused and passionate about increasing the opportunities for young people to work, learn and relax in Devonport. I love living in Devonport, and I know how vital our sporting and community organisations are to building our community; and I want to see them continue to be supported. I have experience in governance, education and leadership, and I look forward eagerly, if elected, to serving the people of Devonport.


Candidate for councillor, mayor

Having had the privilege to serve the Devonport community over the past four years as a councillor, I am now seeking your number 1 vote for the position of mayor and councillor to continue the hard work already underway. As mayor I would ensure public funds are spent wisely and appropriately on public infrastructure. That our continued economic growth benefits the entire community with a steely focus on keeping council rates below CPI. I would foster a united and cohesive team that would lead the conversation on local government reform to benefit our entire region. Vote 1 Leigh Murphy.


Candidate for councillor, deputy mayor

I run the family business, One Agency Collins Real Estate, and I'm a former president of the Devonport Chamber of Commerce. I'm a proud mum to a teenage son and I was born and raised here.

I'm running for Council and deputy mayor because I'd like to see Devonport provide more opportunities for the next generation. I'd like to further the Living City master plan, and I'd be a strong advocate for our community groups and sporting clubs - regardless of age, ability or background, they help define our community spirit and bring people together. www.staceysheehan.com.au.


Candidate for councillor, deputy mayor

My vision is to see the lives of each and every person in our community flourish in a vibrant, kind, resilient and determined community culture. We have made great progress in setting up our region for community and economic growth, and as a result endless opportunities now present themselves for our city. Our challenge now is to ensure that we continue to see these opportunities realised, for us to become "living community" - a destination city that is a wonderful place for people to call home and raise a family.

VINEY, Damien

Candidate for councillor, deputy mayor

I grew up in Spreyton and had an opportunity to move back to the area 10yrs ago. I met my wife, Kelly here, we live and work in the municipal area and are grateful to be raising our two boys here.

Devonport is a beautiful and safe place to live. I am running for Council because our community needs representation from people with young families and that's the perspective I will add if elected. I'm keen to ensure Council is accountable and to maintain and develop the public spaces that make this area great.


Candidate for councillor, deputy mayor

I would like to be your representative as a councillor and deputy mayor in the Devonport City Council. It was a privilege serving you and the community for over 35 years in our pharmacy business, volunteering on sporting, community and commercial bodies, and promoting Devonport at every opportunity. My primary focus is and has always been on improving our great city to benefit all levels of the community and commercial sectors. I would like to extend that service and be your voice on Council. Please vote 1 Janene Wilczynski for councillor and deputy mayor. I would appreciate your support.


Candidate for councillor

I am committed to good, transparent governance, prioritising sustainable projects that employ local small businesses. Currently employed in the education sector. As your Greens councillor I'll put your interests first and work to improve our community with more money towards health services, affordable housing, more attractive green areas for community and nature use, and constructive action on climate change. I will be the voice on Council who can be trusted to make decisions focussed on a socially responsible, environmentally sensitive and economically sustainable future.