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Local Government elections


There are 2 elections being held for Latrobe Council:

As well as this booklet, your postal ballot pack contains:

The ballot paper envelope has been specially designed to ensure the secrecy of your vote.

All returned envelopes are kept unopened under tight security until they are checked for validity.

After a sealed envelope has been verified, the flap showing the elector’s personal details and signature is removed under instruction of the returning officer, in the presence of witnesses, and securely stored until the close of the poll.

After the close of the poll and in the presence of witnesses, the now anonymous envelopes are opened in large random batches before the unidentified ballots are removed for examination and counting.

Successful candidates for Mayor and Deputy Mayor must also be elected as councillors to be able to accept these offices.

The Mayor, Deputy Mayor and councillors you elect will serve until October 2026.

Questions? Call 1800 801 701

Postal services take a number of days, so it is important to complete and return your vote now.

Your vote must be received by 2pm on Tuesday 25 October 2022


Follow these five easy steps:

1. Get to know the candidates

Candidates were invited to provide a statement and photo for your consideration*.

Statements appear in alphabetical order but the names on the ballot papers are rotated.

The online version of this booklet contains web links where provided by candidates.

2. Record your vote

Number the boxes on each ballot paper from 1 onwards in the order of your choice.

For the election of 9 councillors, number the boxes from 1 to 15 in order of your choice, Number at least 5 boxes to make your vote count.

For the election of Deputy Mayor, number the boxes from 1 to 3 in the order of your choice. Number at least one box to make your vote count.

3. Make your vote secret

Put your completed ballot papers in the ballot paper envelope, which is the smaller envelope with the wider flap, and seal it securely.

4. Validate your vote

Sign your ballot paper envelope in the box on the flap to declare that you are the voter named on this envelope and you have voted on the ballot papers in this envelope. You must sign the envelope and leave the flap attached — or your vote won’t be counted. The returning officer will remove the flap with your details on it before opening the envelope.

Then put your ballot paper envelope in the reply-paid envelope — the larger envelope — and seal it.

5. Post your vote

Post your reply paid envelope straight away (no stamp needed), or take your vote to the Latrobe Council office.

*Statements are reproduced substantially as supplied by candidates.

BALDOCK, Claudia

Candidate for councillor

I am Claudia Baldock and I am running for a seat in the Latrobe Council. I am excited at the prospect of representing the hard-working members of our community and giving back to the beautiful area I am grateful to call home. A vote for me is a vote for community, family, and transparency within our Council.

RIP Queen Elizabeth II.


Candidate for councillor

I support strengthening our community spirit and building better communities for all; planned strategic infrastructure provision; properly planned eco-friendly development; a planned efficient maintenance regime for Council assets; support for small businesses and farmers both existing and new.

A local resident for 7 of the past 15 years I offer extensive governance experience on state and local school boards (Victoria); 25+ years as a senior facilities manager; 20 years in the RAAF; listening to and understanding perspectives; a strategic thinker; practical realist; and voice of reason.

BROWN, Graeme

Candidate for councillor, deputy mayor

I have lived in Latrobe all my life, owned my own business and was chief of the local fire brigade for 40 plus years. I have also had the honour of being on the Council for the last eight years, with four of those years as deputy mayor, and the opportunity to help the rate payers and the community has been a very rewarding experience.

I would like to continue my work in this municipality which is expanding at a great rate and with your support I look forward to doing so.


Candidate for councillor

The Latrobe, Hawley, Shearwater and Port Sorell areas are a wonderful place to live and bring up a family in. I have spent my entire life living and working in this wonderful part of our state.

If elected I will work closely with all other elected councillors to ensure that not only the Latrobe residents but the residents of the surrounding communities have a reliable and conscientious voice on Council. I am an honest, reliable and very approachable person and I look forward to taking your ideas and thoughts to the Council. Please vote 1 David Fidler.


Candidate for councillor, mayor

As current mayor and councillor I seek your no. 1 vote to continue my contribution to our community. Despite Council's strong performance there are many challenges with local government reform and climate change at the fore. I would appreciate the opportunity to see our current plans and projects to fruition and a continued focus on consultation and collaboration to ensure decision making recognises community concerns and aspirations. I'm extremely proud of all that has been achieved over the current term but mindful of the challenges that lay ahead. Thank you in anticipation of your support.


Candidate for councillor

I am Grant Goodwin and I am running for a seat in Latrobe Council. I have over 20 years experience as a councillor in local government. A vote for me is a vote for a fair go for all. I have experience through tough times. I will be accountable for my decisions. I promise open communication to all the Latrobe community and I understand the needs of local business.


Candidate for councillor

I am a young mother who wants a safe and prosperous community to live in, just as much as you do. I am a Latrobe local and want to be a voice for the needs of families. I am passionate about advocacy, am approachable and dedicated. I work as a counsellor and legal secretary, and hold qualifications in conflict resolution. Through my work I see and hear the needs that many face today, and want to help bring forth hope and solutions together as a community.


Candidate for councillor

I was born in Latrobe & have lived here all my life. I attended Latrobe Primary & High schools. I then worked for the Tasmanian Government Railways for 11 years before working for Goliath Cement Co. for 39 years. I was a volunteer fireman for the Latrobe Brigade achieving life membership.

The reason I am standing for Council is I care for our community & I would like it to stay as Latrobe & not be taken over by Devonport. I won't make promises but I will work as hard as I can to keep our muncipality the friendly community it has always been.


Candidate for councillor

Jacki Martin is a proud Latrobe person who values a connected community to live, work and enjoy. Jacki will fight for a community connected by linked footpaths and cycleways that are safe and usable for residents of all abilities. Jacki doesn't support mega councils but is in favour of smart and efficient resource sharing - Latrobe should not lose its identity due to the wants of other jurisdictions. Jacki Martin expects transparency in governance and decision making and will demand it even if it's uncomfortable. In these uncertain economic times it is reasonable to expect a freeze on rates.

MEAD, Vonette

Candidate for councillor, deputy mayor

With lifelong connections to our area, I'm passionate about enhancing the liveability of the region for a healthier, happier & brighter future. As a business owner/manager & volunteer member of commercial, recreational & economic development groups, I am accountable & encourage sustainability, diversity & inclusiveness.

Through consultation and collaboration, we can proactively design & develop our area responsibly & sustainably. I stand up for what I believe, and with your feedback & support, I will make informed decisions to benefit our whole community for future generations.

METSKE, Sommer

Candidate for councillor

My name is Sommer Metske and I would like to continue to represent you as an elected member of Latrobe Council. I am a mum, a healthcare professional and a business owner. I live with chronic illness, I've been a student, I've been unemployed. I grew up on a farm, I've lived in foreign cities. There is no one more qualified to represent the whole community. My passions are empathy, diversity and inclusion, and I aim to bring these important perspectives to the forefront of every Council debate. Elect me to be your voice in local government and to shape our future for you.

SIMS, Garry

Candidate for councillor

As an elected member of the Latrobe Council I want to continue lobbying for a Service Tasmania shop at Latrobe being the business centre to service the entire Latrobe municipality and build better community facilities. To ensure full completion of the Banksia Facilities Centre project.

I strongly support Latrobe to remain sustainable and maintain our own identity. Being a rapid growth region of the State and the best place to live, I truly believe it always takes a balance between community, environment and economics to determine best council.


Candidate for councillor

We have all witnessed significant growth in the Latrobe municipality. With experience as an ex council staffer I am very aware of how local government functions and operates. It is vitally important that development is sustainable and the infrastructure meets the needs of our growing community. Future proofing our social, economic and environmental assets is something I am passionate about. I have the strength & integrity to stand up for what's right. I am approachable, accountable and will listen to your concerns and issues. I will not shy away from the tough decisions. Let me be your voice.

WICKS, Gerrad

Candidate for councillor, deputy mayor

I am 47 years old and have lived in Latrobe my whole life. I have worked here for over 27 years. I have been privileged to serve you for the past 8 years. I would be honoured to represent you for another term. This may be your last chance to vote for a true local representative, as local government areas may be changing. The Latrobe Dog Park is a project I am very proud to have established. Latrobe is diverse, yet we share one goal, to ensure Latrobe remains the best place to live and raise our families. For educated, open and transparent decisions, please vote 1 Gerrad Wicks for Latrobe.

YOUNG, Lesley

Candidate for councillor

It has been a pleasure to have served the Latrobe community for the past 11 years and I ask for your support to allow me to continue for the next term. I live at East Sassafras and am involved in the family farm. I believe very strongly that with the diversity of rural and urban in our municipality all residents should be represented. During my time on Council I have worked on several committees including the economic development and audit panel and had input into the projects such as the flood levee and the Banksia redevelopment and have gained an understanding of planning issues.