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Your vote must be received by 2pm on Tuesday 25 October 2022

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There are 3 elections being held for Launceston City Council:

As well as this booklet, your postal ballot pack contains:

The ballot paper envelope has been specially designed to ensure the secrecy of your vote.

All returned envelopes are kept unopened under tight security until they are checked for validity.

After a sealed envelope has been verified, the flap showing the elector’s personal details and signature is removed under instruction of the returning officer, in the presence of witnesses, and securely stored until the close of the poll.

After the close of the poll and in the presence of witnesses, the now anonymous envelopes are opened in large random batches before the unidentified ballots are removed for examination and counting.

Successful candidates for Mayor and Deputy Mayor must also be elected as councillors to be able to accept these offices.

The Mayor, Deputy Mayor and councillors you elect will serve until October 2026.

Questions? Call 1800 801 701

Postal services take a number of days, so it is important to complete and return your vote now.

Your vote must be received by 2pm on Tuesday 25 October 2022


Follow these five easy steps:

1. Get to know the candidates

Candidates were invited to provide a statement and photo for your consideration*.

Statements appear in alphabetical order but the names on the ballot papers are rotated.

The online version of this booklet contains web links where provided by candidates.

2. Record your vote

Number the boxes on each ballot paper from 1 onwards in the order of your choice.

For the election of 12 councillors, number the boxes from 1 to 33 in order of your choice, Number at least 5 boxes to make your vote count.

For the election of Mayor, number the boxes from 1 to 5 in order of your choice. Number at least one box to make your vote count.

For the election of Deputy Mayor, number the boxes from 1 to 10 in the order of your choice. Number at least one box to make your vote count.

3. Make your vote secret

Put your completed ballot papers in the ballot paper envelope, which is the smaller envelope with the wider flap, and seal it securely.

4. Validate your vote

Sign your ballot paper envelope in the box on the flap to declare that you are the voter named on this envelope and you have voted on the ballot papers in this envelope. You must sign the envelope and leave the flap attached — or your vote won’t be counted. The returning officer will remove the flap with your details on it before opening the envelope.

Then put your ballot paper envelope in the reply-paid envelope — the larger envelope — and seal it.

5. Post your vote

Post your reply paid envelope straight away (no stamp needed), or take your vote to the Launceston City Council office.

*Statements are reproduced substantially as supplied by candidates.


Candidate for councillor

Like yourself, I live and work in greater Launceston, this is our home and where we raise our families, walk our pets, catch up with friends and visit loved ones. I am not asking for your first vote but a vote, your vote for working towards a greater Launceston for all.

We all know there is a greater Launceston to be had, better parks and recreation areas in our suburbs, strong support for small and independent business, fresh planning and development of strategies encompassing all of Launceston's amazing suburbs and clearer accountability with grant funding. Let's work towards that together.

BRADY, Thane

Candidate for councillor, deputy mayor

Seeking your no.1 vote placing people before politics. As a proven passionate advocate, I welcome the opportunity to represent you in making our city a better place. Having paid rates since the 80's, raised a family, conducted business, and invested significant volunteer hours in our community I am well placed to understand the complexities and challenges we face.

I support addressing the shortage of sports grounds, investing in roads, improving transport, parking, and fixing our rivers. I believe in sustainable development and commit the time required to effectively represent you.


Candidate for councillor

I have a background in infrastructure with degrees in Engineering and Business. I was the "city engineer" for Council for 13+ years till 2009 and led the negotiations with the state for the renewal of the Invermay flood levees. I have worked extensively with natural hazards, and risk management. I have held senior engineering management positions in the Pilbra and Central QLD before returning to Launceston as an engineering consultant in 2015. I am a member of Launceston Rotary and was Tasmanian state president of Engineers Australia in 2006. I have the skill and energy to serve Launceston.


Candidate for councillor

Running a business (I'm co-owner of Levee Restaurant at Seaport) requires a balance of considerations. What the client wants is the starting point. What services, the quality, price and staff moral/engagement are all important.

Running a city council involves similar principles but on a larger scale. I'm 30 years old with fresh ideas... With colleagues, Alan Harris (for mayor), Andrew Lovitt, Bob Salt and Owen Tilbury we share a (practical) passion for the kanamaluka/Tamar and solving its problems. Only an independent authority will resolve all the issues - & be able to act!

CAI, Susie

Candidate for councillor

I am a mother of three and have lived in Launceston for over 35 years. My battle against an inappropriate development has shown me that Launceston needs councillors who will stand up for the needs of the community-who are willing to fight to defend the heritage and way of life we have come to know and love in our beautiful city. From working in my parent's restaurant to running my own, I've been involved in small business most of my life. I am no stranger to hard work, and if elected I will apply the same work ethic to representing Launceston residents as I have put into building my business.


Candidate for councillor, deputy mayor

First elected to City of Launceston Council in 2014, leading to a rich and varied experience in elected representative roles. With a background in small business, I have been able to bring self-determination and independence to my Council decisions. My more recent employment experience has been in animal welfare, a lifelong passion. I am deeply committed to my role as councillor, ensuring that I manage my workload effectively. I work collaboratively with all councillors, preferring a collegiate approach to decision-making, over the more adversarial style of local government politics.

EDWARDS, Fenella

Candidate for councillor

Candidate statement not supplied

GARWOOD, Matthew

Candidate for councillor, deputy mayor

Having been blessed with opportunities, I've always made it a point to give back. Working hard in the community I've gained hands-on experience as to what's really important to people here in Launceston. Born and raised here, I understand the issues because I'm living them too. Standing up for those issues that matter to you as they also matter to me. As a multiple Tasmanian Young Achiever of the Year finalist, I also bring committee experience with Encore Theatre & Harley Owners (state treasurer). You won't always find me in a suit and tie, but you will always find me with my heart on my sleeve.


Candidate for councillor, deputy mayor

Born and raised in Launceston, this city pumps through my veins. Having a small family of my own and running businesses, I know (and have) what it takes to get the job done.

My priorities are to give a voice to all families and businesses alike, along with implementing changes which can help the current housing crisis and giving our future generations the best sporting, arts and learning facilities possible! Vote 1 Jacob Gelston for councillor and deputy mayor.


Candidate for councillor, mayor

I am unashamedly optimistic about Launceston. Our city's best days are ahead of us; we have so much more to achieve. To capitalise on the opportunities, it will be critical for Council to be energetic, innovative, flexible and open to change. I hope that in my career in local government and outside of it I have demonstrated my ongoing passion for Launceston, my enthusiasm and drive, my work ethic and my ability to secure outcomes for our city. I am seeking your #1 vote. Ours is an incredible city and, working in partnership with our community, I look forward to being part of its next chapter.


Candidate for councillor, deputy mayor

Tim Gunton was born and raised in Launceston, Tim is married to Sharon and has 1 adult son and 4 grandchildren. Tim has had a varied working life, working as a tradie, before spending 20 years at Telstra and the past 10 years working at NBN.

Tim is involved with many local sporting groups, Tim was the co-founder of the Launceston Running Buddies, and the run director for the first 2 Run-for-a-Wish runs. Tim will work hard to promote the many minor sporting clubs in the area as well providing recreation facilities for our youth. Tim will ensure accountability for our elected representatives.


Candidate for councillor, mayor

First elected to Council in 2018, with over 40 years of experience in business, government, Rotary and community service and a bold vision for Launceston, Alan is focused on cost-effective solutions, an open door to constituents and a strong advocate for community consultation.

When elected, my priorities are supporting effective and responsible development, improving recreational facilities and parklands, lobbying for an independent authority to fix the kanamaluka/Tamar River, improving personal safety, parking, reinvigorating the CBD and optimizing the transport network. Our home, our future.

HAY, Sam

Candidate for councillor

I'm someone with a progressive outlook who isn't afraid to speak his mind and stand up for the best interests of the community. I've owned businesses in multiple industries such as hospitality, retail and finance. I have a great insight into the challenges that business owners and employees face daily. I have also been an active supporter of many sporting associations as a committee member, sponsor and player.

The experience I've gained in my community involvement and operating my businesses has prepared me to be successful in a multifaceted organisation such as the Launceston City Council.

LOVITT, Andrew

Candidate for councillor

The Tamar River deserves 'a seat at the table' after decades of neglect & promises not fulfilled. Our river has choking mud flats, invasive rice grass - and growing flood risk due to climate change.

Let's restore & revive the Tamar. As chair of the Tamar Action Group, I'd appreciate one of your votes for Andrew Lovitt, with one to Alex Britton, Owen Tilbury and Alan Harris (for mayor). We all want an independent authority to choose the best option for the Tamar - & to implement it. Let's overcome bureaucratic inertia. (For my career/qualifications google 'Tamar Action Group'.)


Candidate for councillor, deputy mayor

Experience matters and, with 35+ years' experience in business and 11 years as an effective sitting councillor, I bring to this role strong governance and financial accountability to deliver affordable outcomes. With your support I will continue the work I have begun in driving decisions to make Launceston Australia's most liveable city, supporting sustainable growth, investing time in community and advocating for a fairer distribution of regional costs. I will promote workable transport and traffic strategies to ensure we don't end up like Hobart. My commitment to Launceston is proven.

McMAHON, Lindi

Candidate for councillor

I've been a business owner for 13 years with real experience in finance, governance, marketing, events, and community engagement. I'm a committed community leader, dedicated to fully understanding the challenges and barriers of all our people. I will work to support our community through improved safety measures, further development, capping rates, finding real solutions to homelessness and our housing crisis, sound traffic management, tougher scrutiny on future capital purchases, and exceeding targets to finally clean up the Tamar River. Passion, purpose people. Vote 1. www.lindiforlcc.com.


Candidate for councillor, deputy mayor

I live and work in Launceston with strong connections to the city. A family man, business owner, media career and celebrant. I want our youth to have a voice, creating opportunities for future generations.

I'll work hard to resolve issues through collaborative action, drive development, maintain Launceston's heart and soul. I'll represent the needs of our diverse population, individuals, families and local business. My eyes and ears are open to the people of this municipality, to create positive outcomes wherever possible. Please vote 1 Ross Marsden for councillor and deputy mayor. 0447 293 091.


Candidate for councillor, deputy mayor

Candidate statement not supplied

PALMER, Andrew

Candidate for councillor

Andrew is passionate about Launceston and growing our region. He loves this city and its people and as a husband, dad and small business owner wants to see our city continue to thrive. Andrew has been listening to what Launceston residents expect and want from their Council. Through his business of 17 years, Palmer's Dance Studio, Andrew understands the value of supporting employers and employees. Andrew is also passionate about local charitable causes, raising $100,000 for the LGH children's ward and over $42,000 through his Cha Cha for Charity supporting mental health. Vote 1 Andrew Palmer.


Candidate for councillor

I'm a local hotel owner with experience as a managing director and as a qualified financial planner. I have demonstrated my vision through transforming our hotel into a global marketing brand. I am passionate about Launceston, and I will use my skillset to advocate for community issues. I will bring the voices of the community and businesses into Council, as a real independent. I will take a measured approach to strategic planning for sustainable growth and future-proofed design. I will work with our creative partners to activate art, culture, sports, and events for greater Launceston.


Candidate for councillor

Nobody should want to be a Launceston City councillor without loving the city and region, respecting its heritage and attempting to fulfil its potential. My records for all three criteria and justification for being a councillor might be found in the reinstatement of the heritage properties of the North Esk Powder Magazine, Luck's Farmhouse, Glebe Farm and developments at McKenzie St, Murphy St, Invermay Rd, Mowbray St and Connector Park. Council decisions should be for the public good. Make Council accountable for its actions by voting for change. Vote Pentridge.


Candidate for councillor

Launceston is my home. It's where I have grown my business, raised my family and built a life. I am very proud of this city and want to make it better for everyone. I owned the iconic Royal Oak Hotel for 42 years and helped grow Launceston's arts scene and hospitality and tourism reputation. As a Vietnam veteran, I know what it means to serve our community.

We need a fair rating system, clean healthy river and strong employment. Launceston needs to be a safe, affordable and vibrant city with a healthy business sector. If elected, I will endeavor to be your voice. Please vote 1 Bruce Potter.

PREECE, Krista

Candidate for councillor, deputy mayor

Re-elect Krista Preece to ensure there continues to be an independent councillor and deputy mayor, who is approachable, honest, committed and continues to drive and support diversity and inclusivity within our community. Krista will continue to support, maintain, and grow our city by making decisions clearly and accountably, using best evidence and objectivity without discrimination or bias. Krista is committed to maintain and grow Launceston as an enviable and safe community that supports its lifestyle, educational institutions, businesses, tourism, health, culture, arts, sport and people.

RAZAY, George

Candidate for councillor, mayor

I have spent 25 years working as a physician and geriatrician and was a 2021 Tasmanian Australian of the Year nominee, as well as conducting research and giving public presentations on dementia.

My goals include promoting a healthy, happy and active community by playing an active role in public health; combating air pollution and traffic congestion; revitalising the city centre; supporting homeless people especially with the increased cost of living and worsening housing affordability; improving the health of the Tamar River; promoting respect for seniors; and supporting the young generation.

RITCHIE, Kirsten

Candidate for councillor, deputy mayor

Candidate statement not supplied

ROSOL, Cecily

Candidate for councillor

I am a counsellor, registered nurse and foster carer. I listen, care and support people to live well. I speak up for people when they can't speak for themselves. Town planning, housing stress, inequality and climate change affect our health and happiness. I will work with people to address these matters.

I will speak up on housing and work for a greener city. I will encourage ideas that support people to enjoy our public spaces and join in arts and recreation. As your Tasmanian Greens councillor, I will bring people together, listen and then speak up for the community so we can live well.


Candidate for councillor, mayor

Candidate statement not supplied


Candidate for councillor

I'm one of the new breed of community independents and I have no political or business affiliations. I want to consult with and represent you. I'll bring new ideas and energy to the challenges we face on city growth, housing and homelessness, Aboriginal land justice, promoting EV use, local food security, maintaining Launceston's heritage character and liveability, & the Tamar mud. My experience in corporate IT, my committee & evidence-based decision-making skills will help me make us a more resilient community, with a sustainable future. Chat with me on 0411851412 or see stevesaunders.com.au.


Candidate for councillor

I have been married to my wife Margy for 41 years. I have 5 adult sons and 6 grandchildren. I have been a hard working electrician for 48 years.

I was elected to Council in 2018 and have been an energetic councillor and have kept Council accountable with challenging questions. I have voted no when residents were greatly effected with DA's, and I have a strong voice for Launceston ratepayers and the community. I believe in Council to be more transparent with all transactions. I believe in reduced parking fees, late night shopping and solutions to help kanamaluka/Tamar River.


Candidate for councillor

Served 10 years on Circular Head Council, 4 as deputy mayor, 3 on the NW Regional Water Authority, chairman of CHC planning body, 13 yrs on the Launceston City Council Tamar River Improvement Authority. Former chairman of Queechy High School Council, retired registered land surveyor, CH Apex life member. If elected, to reduce traffic congestion I would push for another bridge over the Tamar, better roads, services & health care, safe walking track at Windermere, would not waste ratepayers' funds in pursuing issues outside the city's control.

TABE, Nelson

Candidate for councillor

Once upon a time I was a full-time rock musician but now I am a primary school classroom music teacher. I am passionate about our city and am especially interested in preserving our heritage whilst still moving forward in this new Carolean era. I am not affiliated with any other political parties or organisations, so there are no hidden agendas in the work I would be taking on. I will be completely impartial and base each decision I endorse on its own individual merit. I will work tirelessly to allow all voices to be heard, regardless of their backgrounds or walks of life.


Candidate for councillor

I'm an optimist, a doer, who's passionate about making Launceston one of the great regional cities of the world. My wife, Helen, and I founded the BOFA Film Festival. My projects include Great Regional City Challenge, Tasmanian Innovation Awards, Ravenswood Walk Tall, Gigabit City. I'm in the Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame and was shortlisted for Tasmania's Senior Australian of the Year.

There's more to be done, like fixing the Tamar. I'd love it to be clean. Mud and ricegrass-free. A recreational treasure for everyone. I'll work hard for an independent authority to make it happen. Let's act.


Candidate for councillor, mayor

Ex-ABC journalist & political advisor. Launceston councillor with the strongest track record of standing up for our community on Council, submitting more motions than anyone else to improve our city, support our most vulnerable & advocate for transparency.

We need a strong, proactive, & progressive mayor with a clear vision & plan to stand up for Launceston! We need to increase affordable housing, bring life to the CBD, reduce parking costs, protect our built heritage, restore the Tamar, green our shopping precincts & improve community consultation. See the plan> www.timwalkerformayor.com.au.