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Instructions and candidate statements

Accessible HTML format. Statements are also available in PDF format with candidate photos and web links.

Voting is now compulsory

Your vote must be received by 2pm on Tuesday 25 October 2022

Don’t delay – late votes won’t be counted!


There are 3 elections being held for Sorell:

As well as this booklet, your postal ballot pack contains:

The ballot paper envelope has been specially designed to ensure the secrecy of your vote.

All returned envelopes are kept unopened under tight security until they are checked for validity.

After a sealed envelope has been verified, the flap showing the elector’s personal details and signature is removed under instruction of the returning officer, in the presence of witnesses, and securely stored until the close of the poll.

After the close of the poll and in the presence of witnesses, the now anonymous envelopes are opened in large random batches before the unidentified ballots are removed for examination and counting.

Successful candidates for Mayor and Deputy Mayor must also be elected as councillors to be able to accept these offices.

The Mayor, Deputy Mayor and councillors you elect will serve until October 2026.

Questions? Call 1800 801 701

Postal services take a number of days, so it is important to complete and return your vote now.

Your vote must be received by 2pm on Tuesday 25 October 2022


Follow these five easy steps:

1. Get to know the candidates

Candidates were invited to provide a statement and photo for your consideration*.

Statements appear in alphabetical order but the names on the ballot papers are rotated.

The online version of this booklet contains web links where provided by candidates.

2. Record your vote

Number the boxes on each ballot paper from 1 onwards in the order of your choice.

For the election of 9 councillors, number the boxes from 1 to 19 in order of your choice, Number at least 5 boxes to make your vote count.

For the election of Mayor, number the boxes from 1 to 2 in order of your choice. Number at least one box to make your vote count.

For the election of Deputy Mayor, number the boxes from 1 to 5 in the order of your choice. Number at least one box to make your vote count.

3. Make your vote secret

Put your completed ballot papers in the ballot paper envelope, which is the smaller envelope with the wider flap, and seal it securely.

4. Validate your vote

Sign your ballot paper envelope in the box on the flap to declare that you are the voter named on this envelope and you have voted on the ballot papers in this envelope. You must sign the envelope and leave the flap attached — or your vote won’t be counted. The returning officer will remove the flap with your details on it before opening the envelope.

Then put your ballot paper envelope in the reply-paid envelope — the larger envelope — and seal it.

5. Post your vote

Post your reply paid envelope straight away (no stamp needed), or take your vote to the Sorell Council office.

*Statements are reproduced substantially as supplied by candidates.


Candidate for councillor

I'm Meg Brown, your local candidate for councillor of Sorell. I am proud to be part of this wonderful community and I can't think of a better place to raise my family.

If elected, I will be your advocate for better Council services, greater access to childcare, better designed and maintained playgrounds, and that our transport accessibility meets demand. As our community is rapidly growing, we must ensure that no one is left behind. Therefore, I will work hard with and for the community to ensure the best possible future for Sorell. Vote 1 Meg Brown for a new generation of leadership.

BRYAN, Daniel

Candidate for councillor

Voting for me is a vote for our future. A future that looks bright with a community that is growing and developing at a rapid rate. The arts, sport, community groups, businesses and residents all need a voice in Council. As a committee member of the DFFC for 10+ years & the SE Giants, I understand the discipline and commitment to hard work it takes to achieve success.

If elected, I will bring to Council my extensive business and managerial skills, governance, and transparency to continue growing our community into a safe, vibrant place for individuals and families to live and work.


Candidate for councillor, deputy mayor

I am a mother of two, a wife, a business owner and have lived in the area for over 20 years. I am also the president of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (Tas division) and the secretary of the Sorell Business Association.

This year I have created a working group for our youth to discuss the opportunities we can provide for them. I care deeply about mental health and have been supporting local charities and creating awareness in my local business. I am very passionate about supporting and uplifting my fellow local business owners. Let me help you, be part of the solution!

GALA, Vlad

Candidate for councillor

As a resident and ratepayer within the Sorell community for over 30 years, I have seen amazing changes and wonderful community spirit. I am proud to have been part of this and to have been one of your councillors over the last 2 terms. Owning and operating 2 successful businesses, I am skilled in responsibly managing finances to give the best possible results. I also believe in managing our natural assets and beauty of our area responsibly, while developing infrastructure that reduces the need to travel to Hobart often and allows our children the option of remaining part of our community.


Candidate for councillor

My vision for the Sorell municipality is for it to be made up of a united connected community. A safe, friendly and attractive place to live, learn, play and work. Currently you may recognise me from the Sorell School canteen and TFS volunteer, I have also volunteered with Little Aths, Girl Guides, School Assoc, Bream Creek Show, SENA Suns, Collective Ed (Sorell School) and always happy to be an extra pair of hands or cook the community bbq. I am excited at the prospect of being a leader in our growing community taking everyone along together as the community heads into the future.


Candidate for councillor, deputy mayor

I'm Chris, I'm 42. I live in Lewisham with my partner, Conor, two kids and two labradors. I am a small business owner, a mental health and community services worker. For over 20 years I have helped people and communities with their wellbeing in the military, housing, health and mental health sectors.

I've been a single mum and carer. I know how hard it is to put a roof over your head and feed your kids. My priorities for Council are to make sure there are facilities and things to do for families and to limit rate increases. I'm asking for your support to be your voice on Sorell Council.

JACKSON, Geoffrey

Candidate for councillor

Passionate about his local community, and is currently involved with many local community organisations. Geoffrey is keen to use his knowledge gained over the last term of Sorell Council, to help support, grow, strengthen local community to provide better outcomes, increase community connection and cohesion with Council.

Would love to continue to advocate for more recreation, open space parks and playgrounds, to make Sorell municipality a destination area, and not just a drive thru. https://www.facebook.com/Geoffrey-Jackson-Sorell-councillor.


Candidate for councillor

I currently work in network planning for Tasmania's largest public transport company. This entails the management of on-road infrastructure as well as working with a range of different stakeholders to achieve best outcomes for our passengers. Along with my UTAS degree in politics & policy and International Relations I will use my knowledge and skills to boost Sorell Council's infrastructure and roads.

I would like to see a better integration of Council roads with state roads in our electorate, whilst also working to improve public transport for everyone.


Candidate for councillor

Being a local resident and small business owner (Sorell Water), I have an invested interest for the prosperous future of Sorell municipality. I see and talk to many people within the community, hearing their ideas, opinions and concerns for our area. As I constantly drive on our local roads, I notice where improvements could be beneficial such as maintenance, crossings, lighting, clearing of foliage, along with improvement to services for our elderly, youth programs, electric vehicle charge stations and much more for the future of our region. I will work actively for you, your voice matters.


Candidate for councillor, mayor

Sorell needs fresh leadership, energy, and ideas. By voting for me you will elect a collaborative leader you can trust to give you a say in your town's future, and to champion what is important to your community.

I have successfully led community organisations and businesses over the last 24 years by consulting broadly and understanding what people value. As your mayor, I will work to improve quality of life, care for our environment, and grow the local economy. I would advocate for balance; our towns can be both economically prosperous and great places to live. Visit www.marisol.com.au.


Candidate for councillor

Sorell, a place where new opportunities abound. I will continue to work for a connected community, a clean coastline and a productive rural landscape. Sorell is a place of change that needs careful, creative and considered management. By placing your trust in me, you can be sure Sorell is ready to take the next step. I am standing up for Sorell and I ask for your support. Vote 1 Beth Nichols.


Candidate for councillor

I am seeking your vote to become a councillor for the greater Sorell community. I volunteer in local sports clubs within the community for the past 10 years, helping bring together our 2 local junior football clubs to create a greater southeast team. I am family and community orientated, and want to work with you, small businesses, and our Council to bring much needed services to our growing community.

I am passionate about its bright future. I am committed to help grow and build our community for a sustainable future, so that we all have a place to work, play and call home for the future.

REED, Melinda

Candidate for councillor, deputy mayor

A councillor since 2018, I lead with experience, skill and integrity; working for thriving, welcoming communities where everyone can live a good life.

A Dodges Ferry local for 30 years, I grew up at Richmond, enjoyed a successful public service career and studied business, accounting and communication. A parent, writer and editor, director of Bendigo Bank Sorell and Neighbourhood Houses Tasmania, Business Association and Council Audit Panel member. Supporter of young people, climate action, local schools, clubs and public spaces, local heritage, the arts, and genuine local government reform.


Candidate for councillor, deputy mayor

I'm a local born and raised family man with 2 young children. Known for my small local business the Sorell Night Rider and chair/president of Sorell School Association, Midway Point Neighbourhood House, TASSO and a variety of community volunteer positions.

I'm passionate about creating a vibrant municipality with greater opportunities in employment, education, arts and sport. Improving communication and strengthening relationships between Council and community along with improving our roads, stormwater and paths. I'm very community orientated and want to continue to be your voice on Council.


Candidate for councillor

I am 39, with a young family and someone who has a keen interest in the Sorell region, its sensible growth and its future.

I have quite a bit of experience in local government from another region and believe my professional background, sound decision making, board experience and passion for supporting community would greatly benefit the Sorell Council in its decision making into the future. The Sorell region has had fantastic growth and investment over the past decade and I would like to be part of the Council that manages this into the future in the best interest of the people in the region.


Candidate for councillor

Your partner in Council.


Candidate for councillor

I would like to continue to represent you as a councillor. As the former Sorell mayor I remain committed to our area and have the experience, determination and resilience to continue working with councillors and the wider community on a broad range of issues. I have a teaching background having taught at Sorell and Dunalley schools and maintain my interest in the future of our youth as a member of the Sorell School Association. I am also a director in a family business.

With your help I could see to completion a number of Council/community projects I am currently committed to. Carmel.


Candidate for councillor, mayor

During my tenure as mayor I have worked closely with all levels of government to achieve unprecedented levels of investment in education, employment, community and sporting infrastructure.

There is still more I want to achieve, including advocating for further investment in education and social programs, developing training and employment opportunities to strengthen the local economy and planning a vision for our residential growth over the next 20 years. As mayor I have worked tirelessly to deliver positive results for Sorell, I ask for your support so that I can continue to deliver.

WOOLEY, Charles

Candidate for councillor, deputy mayor

After the life of a travelling television journalist, I have settled in one of the world's best places. Our beaches, wetlands and waterways are to be treasured. The question is how to make a great place even better without spoiling its charms? When each new house can add two more cars to our roads, even upgraded roads are soon overwhelmed. To reduce traffic, we need to grow as a service hub. We need a wider range of retail options and the provision of more medical services including imaging and x-rays. I stand for no political party and in office will represent no one but you, the electors.