Working for the TEC

Have you updated your details?

TEC casual staff who would like to be considered for future employment opportunities are invited to update their details by completing this online form.

This process will take about five minutes and will ask for current work availability, work preferences, contact details and other necessary information.

Casuals who choose not to complete this form may be removed from our employment register and will not be contacted about future opportunities.

If you’ve not worked for the TEC before but would like to register your details, please click here.

Have you considered working with us?

The Tasmanian Electoral Commission maintains a register of casual staff for non-ongoing work at each election.

Watch this short video for an overview of the wide variety of roles available.

Political neutrality

One of the ways the TEC maintains its integrity is by ensuring that employees are, and are seen to be, politically neutral. The Anti-Discrimination Commissioner has granted the TEC an exemption under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1998, giving it discretion to only employ people it determines to be politically neutral.

Policy documents for TEC staff

TEC Casual Employment Register

We are looking for a number of characteristics in our valuable casual workforce: care and accuracy; political neutrality; ability to maintain confidentiality; flexible work hours.

Ready to apply to work with the TEC?

Download the fillable PDF form below and provide as much detail as you can about your skill set, relevant experience, and your availability. Then email the form as an attachment to

Update your details

If you have previously applied to the TEC Casual Employment Register but have changed contact information, or if you have changed details such as your bank account or superannuation, please email your updated details to  or call 1800 801 701.

Position descriptions

Election management

Positions include Returning Officer (RO) and Assistant Returning Officer (ARO).
  Election management position descriptions [PDF, 131KB] 

Before polling day

Positions include Pre-Poll Manager (PPM), Pre-Poll Second in Charge (PP2IC), Pre-Poll Officer (PPO) and Mobile Polling Officer.
  Pre-poll position descriptions [PDF, 99KB] 

On polling day

Positions include Polling Manager (PM), Polling Place Second in Charge (2IC), Polling Place Staff and Polling Place Liaison Officer (PPLO).
  Polling day position descriptions [PDF, 101KB] 

Why work with us?

Working for the TEC as an election casual can give you an insight into the important electoral and democratic processes involved in electing your representatives.

There is a great variety of casual roles available.

"Meeting and working with all of you has been the highlight of 2014 for me." - Hazelyn

"The people at the TEC are really fun to work with. It was great to see what happens to your vote, and be involved in such an important part of our State." - Maddi

Listen to a radio interview behind the scenes at the 2014 Local Government elections:

What casual roles may be available?

We have short-term roles leading up to elections, such as:

  • Materials stores
  • Administration
  • Telephone and front counter customer service
  • Material delivery
  • Pre-poll staff
  • Processing postal vote applications

On election day we have a number of roles, such as:

  • Polling Officers
  • Information Officers
  • Polling Manager
  • 2IC (Second in Charge)
  • Declarations Officer
  • PPLO (Polling Place Liaison Officer)
  • Scrutiny Staff

Interested in permanent work with the TEC?

Permanent vacancies are listed on the site, under the Justice Department. (opens in a new tab)

top - Hazelyn performed a wide range of tasks in the TEC office as an election casual during the 2014 State Election.
bottom - Garion was a Graduate Information Technology Officer at the TEC.