Local government elections enrolment

Enrolment for local government elections

To vote in a local government election, you must be correctly enrolled on the State Roll or on a General Manager’s roll in your municipal (local government) area.

The State Roll

If you are currently on the electoral roll for state and federal elections you are automatically enrolled to vote in a local government election, in the municipal area in which your enrolled address is located.

You must be correctly enrolled if you are an Australian citizen who is 18 years or older.

Visit the AEC website if you need to enrol to vote. You can also check your enrolment online and update your details.

If you need an enrolment form mailed to you, phone us on free call 1800 801 701.

To be enrolled correctly, your enrolment form or updated details need to have been received before the close of rolls for an election or poll.

General Managers’ rolls

Each local council maintains a list of people who are eligible to vote even if they don’t live in that municipal area. You may be eligible to be on a General Manager’s roll if:

  • you own or occupy land in a municipal area different from where you are enrolled on the State electoral roll, or
  • you are the nominated representative of a corporate body which owns or occupies land in the municipal area.

To enrol under these special provisions, you need to complete the appropriate enrolment form and return it to the General Manager of the relevant council:

To be enrolled under these special provisions you need to ensure that the General Manager for the council in which you are enrolling has your completed enrolment form before the close of rolls for an election or poll.

 Recent amendments to the Local Government Act 1993 mean that voting in local government elections is now compulsory for all electors on the State Roll. This does not include elector polls or electors on the General Managers' roll.