Local government elections

Glenorchy and Sorell by-elections (and elector poll)

By-elections, conducted by postal ballot, are required to fill the vacant positions of councillor and mayor on the Glenorchy City and Sorell councils.

Additionally, an elector poll for Glenorchy City will be run concurrently.

Hobart City Council recount (Burnet)

A recount was conducted on 22 April 2024, to fill a councillor vacancy on the Hobart City Council created by the election to the House of Assembly and resignation of Deputy Lord Mayor Helen Burnet on Tuesday 9 April 2024.

The TEC wrote to candidates not elected at the 2022 Hobart Cty Council election inviting them to participate. The period of consent closed at 12 noon on Monday 22 April 2024.

As ballot papers for the ordinary election of councillors had been data entered, a computer calculated result was available not long after the close. Gemma Kitsos was elected as councillor to serve until the 2026 ordinary elections.

The position of Deputy Lord Mayor will be filled by a ballot undertaken by the councillors, at a council meeting.

2022 elections

Elections, conducted by postal ballot, were held to fill councillor, mayor and deputy mayor positions for all 29 local councils statewide.

Voting is now compulsory in local government elections.


By-elections and recounts held to fill vacancies.

Who can vote at a local government election?

Anyone who is enrolled on the State Roll for an address in a municipal area, is automatically enrolled for the municipal area as well.

Other people who own or occupy land in the municipal area, or are the nominated representatives of a corporate body which owns or occupies land in the municipal area, are also eligible to enrol, but must lodge an application with the General Manager.

Graphic of local government areas map

Local government is the third tier of government in Tasmania.

Tasmania is divided into 29 municipal areas, with each area having a governing council consisting of between 7 and 12 councillors. Each council is chaired by a mayor and has a deputy mayor.

Elections for Tasmania's 29 councils are conducted by full postal ballot every four years. The next Local Government elections are due to be held during September and October 2026.

Map of Tasmania's local government areas

A statewide map displaying the boundaries of the 29 Local Government municipal areas.

Local government election reports

Results and information about Tasmanian local government elections, dating back to 1994.

About voting at local government elections

Uniquely, Tasmanian Local Government elections are conducted by postal ballot - election material (including the ballot paper) is personally mailed directly to each elector.

Elector polls

A council may hold an elector poll on any issue it determines. It may also be required to hold an elector poll following a process requiring petitions signed by at least 5% or 1,000 of the electors in the municipal area. A council is not bound by the result of an elector poll.

The TEC has conducted three elector polls since the 2018 ordinary elections: