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Saturday 1 May is polling day for the 2021 State election.

In addition, if you’re an elector for the Legislative Council division of Derwent or Windermere, you will also need to vote for a representative in the Legislative Council on the same day. 2021 Legislative Council elections.

 You may need to vote in two elections on 1 May.

To be able to vote in both elections, either:

Voting options and details are provided below.

Voting is compulsory.

Voting in person on polling day

Vote in person from 8am to 6pm Saturday 1 May 2021 at a polling place near you.

The TEC's electronic roll means you can vote at any polling place in Tasmania; however, if you're also an elector for the Legislative Council division of Derwent or Windermere, you will need to attend a polling place within the divisions of Derwent or Windermere to vote at both State and Legislative Council elections.

 With the use of the electronic roll, there is no need for people to use the 'Check in TAS' app at polling places.

Polling places details are available from the link below. Lists of polling places will also be published in the newspaper on polling day.

Voting early options

If you are unable to vote on polling day, you must vote early. You can vote in person at a pre-poll centre, or apply for a postal vote (postal vote applications have closed).

Pre-poll voting

  Pre-poll voting locations are closed.

Voting in person at a pre-poll centre.

For electors who are:

In Tasmania

and can't vote on polling day





  1. You attend a pre-poll centre
  2. You declare you are unable to attend a polling place on polling day
  3. You record your vote and place it in the ballot box.


From Monday 12 April 2021.

 You can vote at both elections at any pre-poll centre.

Postal voting

  Applications have closed.

Voting by post.

For electors who are:

In Tasmania



  very slow


  1. You apply for a postal vote
  2. We check your enrolment and send you a ballot pack
  3. You record your vote and post it back.


Apply as soon as possible. Remember, postal services can be slow.

Applications closed 4pm Friday 23 April 2021.

  Applications have closed.

Receiving your voting pack

The Australia Post service standard is 3 to 4 days delivery to any place in Tasmania. The last batch of postal packs will be lodged with Australia Post on Sunday 25 April.

If you haven’t received your pack by this Thursday 29 April, you may want to consider voting at one of our 15 pre-poll centres across the state or at a polling place on polling day. Those with difficulty accessing a polling place, can attend a polling place in a vehicle (with or without a postal voting pack) and we can assist you with car-side voting.

Returning your vote

You must record your vote before 6pm on polling day, Saturday 1 May.

We can receive returned postal votes until 10am Tuesday 11 May.

 Like ordinary and pre-poll voting, postal voting maintains the secrecy of the vote.

Pre-poll voting locations in Tasmania

  Pre-poll voting locations are closed.

If you can't vote on polling day, you can vote early. Voting at both elections is available at all pre-poll centres.

 Vision impared voting is provided at some centres. Check location details below for availability.

Pre-poll centres

Open 8:30am-5:30pm weekdays unless otherwise specified. All Tasmanian pre-poll centres will stay open until 6pm on Friday 30 April.

Locality:  Burnie
Address:  26 Cattley St, Burnie

Locality:  Devonport
Address:  paranaple Arts Centre, 145 Rooke St, Devonport
 Vision impaired voting service

Locality:  Granton
Address:  Granton Memorial Hall, 1 Lyell Hwy, Granton

Locality:  Hobart
Address:  Ground level, 144 Macquarie St, Hobart
 Vision impaired voting service

Locality:  Kingston
Address:  Kingborough Community Hub, 7 Goshawk Way, Kingston

Locality:  Launceston
Address:  175-177 Charles St, Launceston
 Vision impaired voting service

Locality:  New Norfolk
Address:  New Norfolk War Memorial Hall, Circle St, New Norfolk

Locality:  Scottsdale
Address:  St Barnabas' Church Hall, 55 King St, Scottsdale

Locality:  Smithton
Address:  Smithton Hockey Centre, 51/53 Havelock St, Smithton

Locality:  Sorell
Address:  PCYC shed, Pembroke Park, Arthur St, Sorell
Access: Drive in the main gates off Arthur Street then around to the back oval until you see the signage.

Interstate pre-poll voting locations

  Pre-poll voting locations are closed.

Pre-poll centres are available at state and territory electoral commissions offices within Australia. Voting at both elections is available at all pre-poll centres.

Interstate pre-poll centres

Voting at interstate pre-poll centres will be available upon receipt of their ballot papers. On receipt (likely from Wednesday 14 April - check voting status in listings below), centres will be issuing votes during their normal business hours until Friday 30 April.

State or territory:  ACT
Organisation:  Elections ACT
Address:  Level 6, 221 London Circuit, Canberra City

State or territory:  NSW
Organisation:  NSW Electoral Commission
Address:  231 Elizabeth Street, Sydney
Special requirements:  Voting by appointment only.

State or territory:  QLD
Organisation:  Electoral Commission of Queensland
Address:  Level 20, 1 Eagle Street, Brisbane City

State or territory:  SA
Organisation:  Electoral Commission SA
Address:  Level 6, 60 Light Square, Adelaide

State or territory:  VIC
Organisation:  Victorian Electoral Commission
Address:  Level 11, 530 Collins Street, Melbourne

Services for vision impaired electors


The TEC has a computer based system (VI-Vote) to assist vision impaired electors to cast their vote. Prior to polling day, VI-Vote is provided for both State and Legislative Council elections at 3 Tasmanian pre-poll centres.
On polling day, VI-Vote will be relocated to:

Locality:  Devonport
Address:  St Johns Parish Hall, Fenton St
Voting:   State election only.

Locality:  Hobart
Address:  Ground Level, 144 Macquarie St
Voting:   State election only.

Locality:  Newnham
Address:  Launceston North Uniting Church, 128 George Town Rd
Voting:  Both State and Legislative Council elections.


For other assistance, please call 1800 801 701 for options to help you have your say at the 2021 elections.

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