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Local Government Elections

2018 Election Calendar

Sat 8 September

Notice of Election


Mon 10 September

Nominations Open


Thurs 13 September

Rolls Close

12 noon

Mon 24 September

Nominations Close

12 noon

Tues 25 September

Announcement of Nominations


Tues 30 October

Close of Polling




Candidate Information Booklet

The Candidate Information Booklet is an important reference for intending candidates.

If you would like a hard copy, copies are available from the Tasmanian Electoral Commission (TEC) office, 169 Main Road, Moonah. Alternatively, call the TEC on 1800 801 701 and we will post one to you.

Changes to advertising reporting requirements and expenditure limit

The Local Government (General) Regulations 2015 have recently been amended and come into force on 1 August 2018.

These amendments have resulted in:

  • a new expenditure limit of $8,000 per candidate regardless of the number of positions that candidate is contesting; and
  • new reporting requirements that include all forms of advertising costs.

Please refer to the Advertising section of this booklet for more information.

Advertising Return

Each candidate must declare their electoral advertising costs in this form and lodge it with the TEC after the elections. Even if a candidate has not spend any money on advertising, they are required to complete this form.

Failure to complete and return this form is an offence under the Local Government Act 1993.

Nomination Form

The Nomination Form and online Candidate Statement may only be lodged once nominations open on Monday 10 September.

Who can vote at a local government election?

Anyone who is enrolled on the State roll for an address in a municipal area, is automatically enrolled for the municipal area as well.

Other people who own or occupy land in the municipal area, or are the nominated representatives of a corporate body which owns or occupies land in the municipal area, are also eligible to enrol, but must lodge an application with the General Manager.

Graphic of local government areas map

Local government is the third tier of government in Tasmania.

Tasmania is divided into 29 municipal areas, with each area having a governing council consisting of between 7 and 12 councillors. Each council is chaired by a mayor and has a deputy mayor.

Elections for Tasmania's 29 councils will be conducted by full postal ballot every four years. The next Local Government elections will be held during September and October 2018.

Glenorchy City Council logo

Glenorchy City Council election

An election, conducted by postal ballot, was held to elect 10 Councillors (Aldermen), and a Mayor and Deputy Mayor on the Glenorchy City Council.

Vacancies since 2014 elections -

By-elections and Recounts held to fill vacancies.

2014 Local Government Elections

Map of Tasmania's Local Government Areas

Click to download a high resolution PDF

Local government election reports.

Results and information about Tasmanian local government elections, dating back to 1999.

About Voting at Local Government Elections

Uniquely, Tasmanian Local Government elections are conducted by postal ballot - election material (including the ballot paper) is personally mailed directly to each elector.

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