Legislative Council
Elections 2018

Divisions 2018

Ordinary elections are conducted on a 6 year periodic cycle. Elections for 3 members are held in May one year, with elections for 2 members held in May the following year and so on.

On Saturday 5 May, Legislative Council elections are being held in the new divisions of Hobart and Prosser. Remember, boundaries have changed. Learn more about the redistribution here 

Preview of Hobart division map



  • south of Lenah Valley Road, Augusta Road, Forster Street and Risdon Road including parts of Lenah Valley and New Town through to the area
  • north of the Sandy Bay Rivulet and west of the Southern Outlet, including Tolmans Hill, Dynnyrne, South Hobart, Battery Point, Fern Tree and Ridgeway.

Preview of Prosser division map



  • the Glamorgan-Spring Bay, Southern Midlands and Tasman municipal areas,
  • the Northern Midlands municipal area south of Conara Junction, including Campbell Town and Lake Leake,
  • the Sorell municipal area east of Orielton Rivulet and the Tasman Highway, including Sorell, Forcett and Nugent, and
  • the Brighton, Tea Tree and Pontville localities located within the Brighton municipal area.

Which Division am I Enrolled in?

Check your enrolment on the Australian Electoral Commission website (opens in a new tab).

There are fifteen Legislative Council divisions:

On Saturday 5 August 2017, new Legislative Council electoral boundaries came into effect due to the completion of the 2016-17 Legislative Council Electoral Boundaries Redistribution process.
New maps and division descriptions 

You can learn more about the redistribution and new boundaries here .

Each division is represented by one Member of the Legislative Council.

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