Legislative Council Elections 2018

Saturday 5 May


Progressive results for Hobart and Prosser.

Your Candidates

Your Hobart and Prosser candidates.

Election Calendar


Wednesday 4 April

Issue of the Writs & Close of Roll

12 noon

Thursday 12 April

Nominations Close

12 noon

Friday 13 April

Announcement of Nominations

Polling Day:

8am to 6pm
Saturday 5 May

New Divisions?

Why?  As people move from place to place, Tasmania’s Legislative Council boundaries are reviewed every 9 years, under the Legislative Council Electoral Boundaries Act 1995, to preserve the notion of ‘one vote one value’ in the Legislative Council.

What?  The 2018 elections will elect 2 members - one each in the new divisions of Hobart and Prosser. The terms of office are for 6 years.

When?  On 5 August 2017, new Legislative Council electoral boundaries came into effect due to the completion of the 2016-17 Legislative Council Electoral Boundaries Redistribution process. The allocation and terms of office of current members can be found here.

What division do I live in?  Use our 'MyReps' search tool - type an address to see what division it falls within.

Information for Candidates.

The Candidate handbook and other information from the most recent elections is available for your information.

What happens at election?

Legislative Council elections are held every year, for 2 or 3 divions, as part of a 6 year periodic election cycle.

Interested in working at an election?

Apply to be included in our election casual register.

A wide variety of short-term opportunities available across the state.

Who Represents You?

Use this simple search tool to learn who currently represents you at each level of government.

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Your Candidates

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Information for Candidates

Handbook + other information...

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Ways to Vote

Services to help you have your say in the Hobart and Prosser Legislative Council elections.

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Polling Places

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Important Dates

The election calendar - enrolment close, nomination period, polling period...

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The divisions of Hobart and Prosser are scheduled to go to election in 2018...

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Check your enrolment, update your details, or enrol to vote...
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The elections begin with the enrolment period and the issue of the ...

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Previous Elections

Results of previous elections and past boundaries.
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