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by-election 2022

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 A by-election, conducted by postal ballot, will be held to fill a vacancy for one councillor on the West Coast Council. This by-election has been triggered by the resignation of Councillor Leigh Styles on 21 December 2021 and it not being possible to carry out a recount due to the exhaustion of unsuccessful candidates from the 2018 election.

The term of office of the elected councillor will be until the completion of the next ordinary election (due to be held September/October 2022).


Final results for West Coast Council by-election.

The candidates

West Coast Council candidate statements, photos and web links (where provided).

Ballots returned

Summary of the rate of return of postal votes.

West Coast

Election calendar

Monday 10 January

Nominations open

Thursday 13 January

Enrolment closes

12 noon 
Thursday 20 January

Nominations close

12 noon 
Friday 21 January

Announcement of nominations  

Thursday 27 January

Ballot packs delivered by post

Tuesday 22 February

Close of polling

From 9am 
Wednesday 23 February

Counting of ballot papers and progressive results

Voting at local government elections

Local government elections in Tasmania are a full postal ballot.

This means there is a 'polling period', rather than one polling day as for State Parliamentary elections. Every elector will be sent their very own postal ballot pack at their postal address. You then have around 4 weeks to complete and post your vote back to the returning officer. The polling period for the West Coast Council by-election is from Tuesday 25 January to 2pm Tuesday 22 February 2022.

envelope image

Ballot pack

From Thursday 27 January, keep your eye on the mailbox for your postal ballot pack, which will look like this with your council logo.  

  If you haven't received your ballot pack by Friday 28 January or have misplaced it, visit and vote at your  council office or contact us the TEC on free call 1800 801 701 for a replacement pack.

West Coast Council daily returns

This chart shows the number of ballot paper envelopes returned per day, and a cumulative total.

Returns (progressive): 1,573
Electors enrolled: 3,019
Response rate (progressive): 52.10%

Considering standing as a candidate?

  Nominations have closed.

Detailed election information and procedures, as well as requirements regarding campaigning, nominating and submitting candidate statements.

Who represents you?

Use this simple search tool to learn who currently represents you at each level of government.

Council location

The address link below opens the location in Google Maps in a new window.

West Coast Council
Location:  11 Sticht Street, Queenstown
Office hours: 8:30am-5pm weekdays
Phone:  (03) 6471 4700

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What is local government?

Tasmania is divided into 29 municipal areas, with each area having a governing council consisting of between 7 and 12 councillors. Each council is chaired by a mayor and has a deputy mayor. Elections for Tasmania's 29 councils are conducted by full postal ballot every four years.