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Haven’t received your pack?

If you haven’t received your ballot pack by Tuesday 26 December, please request a new pack. Visit Glenorchy City Council offices for quick access to a replacement pack, or call us and we will mail one out to you.

  Hurry, we must receive your vote by 10am Tuesday 16 January.

Local government elections in Tasmania are a full postal ballot.

This means there is a 'polling period', rather than one polling day as for State Parliamentary elections. Every elector receives their very own postal ballot pack at their enrolled address. You then have around 3 weeks to complete and post your vote back to the returning officer for your council. The polling period for this election is between Tuesday 19 December 2017 to 10am Tuesday 16 January 2018.

When voting, be aware that successful candidates for mayor and deputy mayor must also be elected as councillors to be able to accept the office of mayor or deputy mayor.

If you are outside of Tasmania during the 19 December 2017 to 10am Tuesday 16 January 2018 polling period, you may apply for an express vote.

The story of your ballot pack:



Following the announcement of candidates, postal ballot packs are prepared, printed and packed for posting to electors.



All electors will receive postal ballot packs in their letterboxes over a four-day period in the week after the announcement of candidates.

The postal ballot pack contains:

  • ballot papers;
  • a booklet containing candidate statements and voting instructions;
  • a ballot paper envelope (this envelope must be signed by the elector to ensure ballot security); and
  • a reply paid envelope for returning your ballot paper envelope which contains your completed ballot paper (voting won’t even cost a stamp)


Vote + Post back

Electors have around three weeks (including three weekends) to complete their ballot paper and return it so that it can be included in the count.

To have their vote counted electors must:

  • mark their preferences on the ballot paper;
  • place the completed ballot paper in the ballot paper envelope (the envelope that has the elector’s name printed on it) and seal it;
  • sign the ballot paper envelope in the box next to the elector’s name;
  • place the ballot paper envelope in the reply paid envelope and seal it; and
  • put the reply paid envelope in the post (no stamp required) so that it reaches the returning officer before the close of polling.

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