Tasman Council
Election 2018

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Made up of 7 councillors, including 1 mayor and 1 deputy mayor.

Enrolment 2,372


Candidate names are listed below in alphabetical order, but they will be rotated on ballot papers.

7 Councillors – 16 candidates

BARWICK, JanWhite Beach
BEARD, DavidTranmere
EARNSHAW, MickPort Arthur
FENERTY, PamEaglehawk Neck
GARRETT, CaseyNubeena
GRIFFITHS, AndyNubeena
HULL, AlanSloping Main
KELLEHER, DanielPremaydena
NUTTING, EllenPremaydena
SMITH, JohnHighcroft
SPAULDING, KellyHighcroft
STACEY, MariaNubeena
STOKES, Clifford (Dan)Nubeena
TOMLINSON, RhondaNubeena
ZABUKOVEC, RobMurdunna

Mayor – 1 candidate (no ballot required)

SPAULDING, KellyHighcroft

Deputy Mayor – 2 candidates

FENERTY, PamEaglehawk Neck
STACEY, MariaNubeena

Candidate Statements

Each elector receives a ballot pack containing a ballot paper and a booklet which has voting instructions and statements from the candidates.

This online version contains web links where provided by candidates
(PDF booklet opens in a new tab):⤵

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