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Reasons to vote NO

  The Save Rosny's Parks group has contributed to the NO case statement.

Voting no to both questions is the only way to save these parks. Don't give our parks away. We consider that other areas in Clarence would be better locations for an AFL elite football training centre.

From a 2023 survey on this proposal, Council only knows the views of 757 of our 61,500 residents. That's just 1.2% of the Clarence population.

Rosny's parks are used for skateboarding, cross country, athletics, orienteering, cycling events, exercising dogs, college outdoor activities and leisure pursuits which will be under threat or lost if the AFL takes over.

Council's City Heart Plan features these parklands with passive and active open spaces, including paths, arts and culture, meeting areas and playgrounds, all publicly accessible. This could be the centrepiece of the city. This proposal will significantly impact these opportunities.

Extensive earthworks will be required to level Rosny's parks and could create high retaining walls and banks, permanently destroying these parklands. It could cost Tasmanian taxpayers millions of dollars just to make the land level. An unknown number of mature trees, the homes of birds and wildlife, will be removed.

Voting no to both questions will send a strong message that we want publicly owned parklands for future generations.


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