Local government vacancies
since the 2022 elections

 Vacancies between the 2018 and 2022 elections

About councillor vacancies

A councillor casual vacancy is usually filled by conducting a recount.
This involves re-examining the ballot papers that elected that councillor, looking for the electors’ next preference.

If the vacancy is for deputy mayor a 2-step process is undertaken:

    1. A recount is conducted to fill the councillor vacancy;
    2. At the next council meeting, the elected councillors vote to decide which councillor will hold the position of deputy mayor.

If the vacancy is for mayor, it is filled by conducting a by-election with 2 ballots - one for councillor and one for mayor.

 How does the counting process for dual by-elections work? [Download PDF, 936KB, printable]

Further information is available in the "Filling a casual vacancy" [PDF 5.1MB, opens in new tab]  section of the candidate information booklet.

Local government recounts