Candidate statement submission

2022 Local government elections

King Island councillor vacancy candidate statements closed 12 noon Monday 26 September 2022.

image link to sample statement booklet

Click to see this 2018 statements booklet for an example of the finished product  

Your candidate statement

Complete this candidate statement form in accordance with the approved guidelines found in the candidate handbook and on the back of the nomination form.
To be considered, your statement must be submitted before 12 noon, Monday 26 September 2022.

Your candidate statement can be no more than 600 characters, including spaces and punctuation. For example the phrase "The quick fox." is counted as 11 letters + 2 spaces + 1 full stop = 14 characters.

Tip - It's a good idea to draft your statement before you use the online form.

Notes -
The online form cannot accept more than 600 characters.
The TEC is not responsible for correcting spelling or grammar errors.

  Nominations have closed.

Your candidate photo

Guidelines for your statement photo:

  • it should be recent
  • colour is preferable
  • portrait orientation
  • a light-coloured neutral background is required (e.g. a plaster wall)
  • clear glasses OK
  • you're welcome to smile.


  • Avoid any cropping or zooming in too close (your shoulders must be showing). The TEC will crop each candidate‚Äôs photo to the same dimensions and similar proportions.
  • Don't scan a printed photo.
  • The larger the file size, the better!
photo samples