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Candidate handbook

This 2023 edition of the information booklet is designed to assist intending candidates for Tasmanian Legislative Council elections.

  Amendments to the Electoral Act 2004 are currently before the Tasmanian Parliament. It is unknown if these amendments will come into effect prior to polling day. See the opening section of the handbook for further details.

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Campaigning and advertising

For Tasmanian Parliamentary elections, campaign material must be authorised between the issue of the writ and the close of poll. Campaign material must not contain an image or name of another candidate without their consent. See the Candidate handbook for more details about these and other conditions that apply.

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Candidate expenditure

  For the 2023 Legislative Council elections, the reporting period for candidate expenditure began on Sunday 1 January 2023.

For Legislative Council elections, election expenditure is capped and details must be provided in a return within 60 days of the result of the election being declared. The expenditure limit for the 2023 elections is $19,000.

  Candidate expenditure return [PDF, 809KB]

The Commission also provides a    TEC expenditure template [XLS, 15KB], to assist candidates with recording their items of expenditure. If using this template, candidates must include a printed copy of the completed Template and attach it to the Expenditure Return Form. Please ensure that the first and final pages (including the candidate declaration) have also been completed before lodging.

In relation to re-used or re-cycled election material, it is required that you report expenses incurred only for the current election.

For example:

  • If re-using signs or material from a previous election, the value for that material is not required in the return.
  • Costs to update re-used material, such as stickers to overlay on old signs, should be included.

See pages 21-22 of the candidate handbook for further details regarding candidate expenditure.

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   Nominations have closed.

Candidates can be nominated in 2 ways:

Individual (non-party) nomination

The non-party nomination form is used for nomination of an individual candidate. These candidates can choose to have the word independent placed under their name on the ballot paper.

  Nomination form (individual, non-party candidates) [PDF, 339KB]

Nominated by a party

The party nomination form enables a registered party to nominate its candidate for a division.

  Nomination form (candidate nominated by a registered party) [PDF, 355KB]

How to lodge your nomination

  Nominations have closed.

Nominations can be received after the writ is issued (from 9am Monday 3 April 2023).

It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that the nomination form and the $400 deposit are received by the returning officer before the close of nominations 12 noon Thursday 13 April 2023.

A party nomination form can be lodged with either the returning officer or the Deputy Electoral Commissioner during the nomination period.

Lodgement details

Individual and party nominations:

Division:  Launceston 
Returning Officer:  Jenny Hart
Election Office:  12 Goodman Court, Invermay
Office hours:  9am - 5pm weekdays. Closed for Easter break Friday 7 April to Tuesday 11 April 2023.

Queries email:  launceston@tec.tas.gov.au
Phone:  (03) 6208 8770

Division:  Murchison 
Returning Officer:  Mike Leyden
Election Office:  12 Goodman Court, Invermay
Office hours:  9am - 5pm weekdays. Closed for Easter break Friday 7 April to Tuesday 11 April 2023.

Alternative lodgement site:  Banksia Room, Burnie Library, 30 Alexander Street, Burnie
One day only, 9:30am - 3:30pm Wednesday 12 April 2023.

Queries email:  murchison@tec.tas.gov.au
Phone:  (03) 6208 8780

Division:  Rumney 
Returning Officer:  Peter Moore
Election Office:  4/2 Railway Court, Cambridge
Office hours:  9am - 5pm weekdays. Closed for Easter break Friday 7 April to Tuesday 11 April 2023.

Queries email:  rumney@tec.tas.gov.au
Phone:  (03) 6208 8760

Party nominations only:

Deputy Electoral Commissioner:  Ngaire Edwards
Office:  Tasmanian Electoral Commission, Level 3, 169 Main Road, Moonah
Office hours:  9am - 5pm weekdays. Closed for Easter break Friday 7 April to Tuesday 11 April 2023.

Email:  ballot.box@tec.tas.gov.au
Phone:  (03) 6208 8700
Free call:  1800 801 701

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How to access the Electoral Act 2004 and other legislation

The Electoral Act 2004 and other up-to-date Tasmanian Acts and Regulations can be accessed at Tasmania's consolidated legislation online.

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