2024 Local government by-elections results

Glenorchy City Council

Electors enrolled: 33,554
Declarations returned: 24,266
Response rate: 72.32%
Elections: Councillor, mayor and an elector poll.

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Other council results: Sorell

Elector poll

Results as at: 5:01 pm Saturday 22 June 2024  Final

Electors enrolled: 33,554
Ballots returned (elector poll): 22,479
Response rate (elector poll): 66.99%

First question

Q: Do you support the Council, with committed government funding, urgently repairing and reopening the Glenorchy War Memorial Pool?

Responses to first question

 YESNOTotal formal votes Informal Total
Votes 19,637 2,421 22,058 421 22,479
Percentage 89.02% 10.98%

Second question

Q: Should the Council apply for future government funding, to retain the pool and redevelop it into a modern public pool facility that will serve the Glenorchy area for the longer term?

Summary of responses to second question

 YESNOTotal formal votes Informal Total
Votes 20,547 1,539 22,086 393 22,479
Percentage 93.03% 6.97%

For the second question, ballot papers were counted as groups (YES, NO, informal) determined by the response to the first question. The details of this breakdown are as follows:

Breakdown of responses to second question

Of those who responded YES to the first question Of those who responded NO to the first question Of informal responses to the first question
YES NO Informal Total YES NO Informal Total YES NO Informal Total
Votes 19,216 289 132 19,637 1,156 1,245 20 2,421 175 5 241 421
Percentage (group) 98.5% 1.5%     48.1% 51.9%     97.2% 2.8%    
Percentage (poll) 87.1% 1.3%     5.2% 5.6%     0.8% 0.0%    

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