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by-elections 2024

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Glenorchy and Sorell by-elections (and elector poll)

With the election of Bec Thomas (former Glenorchy City Mayor) and Kerry Vincent (former Sorell Mayor) to Parliament on Thursday 9 May, by-elections for the positions of one councillor and one mayor on both councils are required.

Additionally, the Tasmanian Electoral Commission has been requested by the Glenorchy City Council to conduct an elector poll regarding the Glenorchy War Memorial Pool. These by-elections and the elector poll, conducted by postal ballot, will run in parallel on the same timetable.

The elected mayors and councillors will serve until the completion of the next ordinary election, due to be held September/October 2026.

Voting is compulsory.


Counting of votes commenced 9 am Friday 21 June 2024.

Your candidates

Glenorchy City and Sorell candidates have been announced.

Glenorchy elector poll

An elector poll regarding the Glenorchy War Memorial Pool is also being run with these by-elections.

Results of elector poll  

Ballots returned

Summary of the rate of return of postal votes by council.

Election calendar

Monday 20 May

Candidate nominations open

Thursday 23 May

Enrolment closes

12 noon 
Tuesday 28 May

Candidate nominations close

12 noon 
Wednesday 29 May

Announcement of candidates

Monday 3 June

Ballot packs delivered by post

Thursday 20 June

Close of polls

From 9am 
Friday 21 June

Counting of ballot papers and progressive results


  Polls have closed.

Voting in local government elections is compulsory.

The polling period for these by-elections is from Monday 3 June to 2 pm Thursday 20 June 2024.

Every Glenorchy City Council and Sorell Council elector will be sent a personally addressed postal ballot pack, which must be completed and returned before the close of the polling period.

What happens when a mayor resigns?

The resignation of a mayor creates two vacancies on a local government council: one mayor and one councillor.

Electors in Glenorchy and Sorell will cast their vote for both positions.

Find out more in our handy fact sheet.


  Enrolment for these by-elections has closed.

To vote in this local government by-election, you must be correctly enrolled before 6 pm on Thursday 23 May 2024.

If you are correctly enrolled for state and federal elections then you are automatically enrolled to vote in local government elections. If you don't live in the municipal area, you may be eligible for inclusion on the General Manager's roll.

Further information is available to assist you if you need to enrol to vote or update your enrolment.

Frequently asked questions

Try our FAQ page for answers to commonly asked questions about voting, enrolment, campaigning and more.

Information for candidates

  Nominations have closed.

If you wish to stand as a candidate in these by-elections, nominations are open and close at 12 noon on Tuesday 28 May 2024.

A range of information will be available to help you understand the eligibility requirements and nomination process. You'll also find instructions for providing a candidate statement and guidance on the rules that candidates must follow.

Reporting of electoral advertising

Candidates, printers, publishers, and broadcasters are required to submit an electoral advertising return to the TEC, reporting particulars of election-related advertising.

This information must be returned no later than 45 days after the day on which the certificate of election is issued.

Further information and forms are available for candidates, printers, publishers, and broadcasters.

Misprint in Sorell postal ballot pack

A small misprint has occurred on an envelope sent to electors in Sorell as part of the postal ballot pack for these by-elections. This envelope is used to return completed ballot papers. The information concerned reads '2024 House of Assembly – Sorell' instead of '2024 Local government by-elections – Sorell'. This description is used for administrative purposes only, when sorting envelopes before they are opened. The Commissioner has determined that the error is immaterial and will not affect the administration of the local government by-elections in any way.

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