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by-elections 2024

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Ways to vote

Unlike attendance voting on polling day for Parliamentary elections, local government elections in Tasmania are conducted by postal ballot. Voting is compulsory.

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Where's my ballot pack?

Ballot packs are scheduled to be delivered to electors by Australia Post between Monday 3 and Friday 7 June.

If you haven't received your ballot pack by the end of this period, follow this procedure  

Absent voting

 Early voting, before Monday 3 June, is not available with this postal ballot.

If you will be away from home and unable to receive your ballot pack during the polling period, you can request a supplementary ballot pack be sent to an alternative address in Tasmania, interstate or overseas.

Requests can be made by calling the TEC on 1800 801 701 or emailing your details via the link below.

 Click here to email your request

Please consider postal schedules when making these arrangements. Requests for a supplementary pack sent by post can be made until 3 pm on Friday 14 June.

If this option doesn't suit your situation, learn what happens next  

 Under the Local Government Act 1993, there is no provision that allows us to provide alternate methods to postal voting.

Replacement ballot packs

If you haven't received your ballot pack by mail delivery on Friday 7 June or require a replacement ballot pack, the following options are available:

  • Visit your council or TEC office to collect a new pack (view locations). There is a TEC issued ballot box at each location for lodgement.
  • Email us with your details before 3 pm on Friday 14 June and we'll send a new pack out to you (click here to email). We can send a ballot pack to any address you request.

Be mindful of mailing times as your ballot pack must be returned by 2 pm Thursday 20 June.

What happens if I am unable to vote?

If you are unable:

please don't contact the TEC now. You will be sent a letter after the election, you can advise of us your valid excuse then.

Impartial assisted voting

With the support of the Glenorchy City and Sorell councils, the TEC will be providing an impartial assisted voting service for those with vision impairment or low vision.

Keeping your vote private and secure

How ballot envelopes work to keep your vote private and secure.

Issuing and receiving locations

Address links below open the location in Google Maps in a new window.

Glenorchy City Council by-elections

Glenorchy City Council
Location:  374 Main Rd, Glenorchy
Office hours:  8:30 am to 5 pm weekdays
Phone:  (03) 6216 6800

Tasmanian Electoral Commission (TEC) office
Location:  169 Main Rd, Moonah
Office hours:  9 am to 5 pm weekdays
Phone:  1800 801 701

Sorell Council by-elections

Sorell Council
Location:  47 Cole St, Sorell
Office hours:  8 am to 4:30 pm weekdays
Phone:  (03) 6269 0000

Tasmanian Electoral Commission (TEC) office
Location:  169 Main Rd, Moonah
Office hours:  9 am to 5 pm weekdays
Phone:  1800 801 701

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