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A by-election was held to fill a vacant position of councillor on the King Island Council. 

This vacancy was triggered under schedule 5 of the Local Government Act 1993 by Councillor Sarina Laidler's absence from 3 consecutive council meetings. As Councillor Laidler was one of 8 candidates elected unopposed in October 2022, a recount of ballot papers to fill this vacancy was not possible. A notice of by-election inviting nominations was published in The Advocate newspaper on Saturday 13 January 2024.

The term of office of the elected councillor will be until the completion of the next ordinary election, which is due to be held in September/October 2026.

Announcement of candidates

As at the close of nominations, 12 noon Tuesday 23 January 2024, one nomination for the position of councillor had been received.

Sarina Laidler has been elected unopposed.

A ballot is not required.

King Island

Election calendar

Monday 15 January

Nominations open

Thursday 18 January

Enrolment closes

12 noon 
Tuesday 23 January

Nominations close

12 noon 
Wednesday 24 January

Nominations announced  

  As only one nomination was received, a ballot is not required. Learn more  

Tuesday 30 January

Ballot packs delivered by post

Tuesday 27 February

Close of the poll

From 9am 
Wednesday 28 February

Counting of ballot papers and progressive results

Information for candidates

  Nominations have closed.

If you wish to stand as a candidate in this by-election, nominations are open and close at 12 noon on Tuesday 23 January 2024.

A range of information is available to help you understand the eligibility requirements and nomination process. You’ll also find instructions for providing a candidate statement and guidance on the rules that candidates must follow.


  Enrolment for this election has closed.

To vote in this local government by-election, you must be correctly enrolled before 6 pm on Thursday 18 January 2024.

If you are correctly enrolled for state and federal elections then you are automatically enrolled to vote in local government elections. If you don’t live in the King Island municipal area, you may be eligible for inclusion on the General Manager’s roll.

Further information is available to assist you if you need to enrol to vote or update your enrolment.


  Update, 12:00 pm Wednesday 24 January 2024 - As only one nomination was received, a ballot is not required. Learn more  

Voting in local government elections is compulsory.

The polling period for the King Island Council by-election is from Tuesday 30 January to 2 pm Tuesday 27 February 2024.

Every King Island Council elector will be sent a personally addressed postal ballot pack at their enrolled address, which must be completed and returned before the close of the polling period.

Reporting of electoral advertising

Candidates, printers, publishers, and broadcasters are required to submit an electoral advertising return to the TEC, reporting particulars of election-related advertising.

This information must be returned no later than 45 days after the day on which the certificate of election is issued.

Further information and forms are available for candidates, printers, publishers, and broadcasters.

Council location

The address link below opens the location in Google Maps in a new window.

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