Local government elections 2022

Local government election tagline - Make your mark. Vote local.

 Impartial Assisted Voting has now closed.

Impartial assisted voting

The process

At each of the 29 councils, a private and separate space will be provided for a professional, confidential and impartial voter assistance service. This space will be used by people who require assistance to vote.

The TEC will employ independent, professional experienced polling staff at each location to assist the voter with the voting process. In addition, COVID-safe measures will be in place, including the wearing of N95 masks by staff.

Electors can book a 30-minute period during designated days.

Voters using the service should bring with them their ballot pack delivered in the post. If the voter does not have their ballot pack, the staff member may assist them in applying for a supplementary ballot pack while they are at the council. Once the voting process is complete, the staff member can assist the voter to place their completed postal vote in the ballot box onsite.

If required, there is the option for voters to receive car-side assistance. This means the voter can remain in their vehicle and vote while in the car with assistance from the staff member.

Voters will be encouraged to go to the office of the council for which they vote. If this is not possible, they can go to a different council, but supplementary ballot packs will not be available.

When is the service available?

The service is expected to run during the week commencing Monday 17 October 2022 during each council’s office hours. It is expected that there will be at least one full day of this voting service at each council.

Booking the service

 Impartial Assisted Voting has now closed.

Accessible candidate statement booklets

Voters will also be strongly encouraged to have considered their voting preferences before arrival at the council office. Candidate statement booklets are now available in accessible HTML format.

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