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2021 State election

Polling day was Saturday 1 May 2021.

Remember, voting in the House of Assembly elections is compulsory.

Behind the scenes preparing for the Tally room broadcast

If you didn't get to the Tally room on Saturday night, 1 May 2021, you might enjoy the ABC's sneak peek behind the scenes setting up for the broadcast.

Update your enrolment

Rolls for the State election closed at 6pm Tuesday 30 March 2021. If you have moved recently, or other details have changed, you can still update your enrolment for future elections.

2021 Legislative Council elections

In 2021, elections were held for the divisions of Derwent, Mersey and Windermere on Saturday 1 May.

Remember, voting in the Legislative Council elections is compulsory.

Received a notice of failure to vote from the TEC or an infringement notice from MPES for not voting?

2020-21 Aboriginal Land Council of Tasmania (ALCT) elections

In accordance with the Aboriginal Lands Act 1995 elections are to be held for 8 members of the Aboriginal Land Council of Tasmania (ALCT).

Interested in working at an election?

Apply to be included in our election casual register.

A wide variety of short-term opportunities available across the state.

Who Represents You?

Use this simple search tool to learn who currently represents you at each level of government.

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