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Elections, conducted by postal ballot, will be held to fill councillor, mayor and deputy mayor positions for all 29 local councils statewide.

Voting is now compulsory in local government elections.

King Island councillor vacancy candidates, 27 September 2022

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2022 Pembroke by-election

A by-election was conducted for the Upper House division of Pembroke on Saturday 10 September.

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2022 Local Government Elections

Postal ballot elections will be held to fill councillor, mayor and deputy mayor positions for all 29 local councils statewide. Polling opens Mon 3 October.

Voting in Local Government elections is now compulsory.

Advice to the Premier in relation to revising Tasmania’s electoral boundaries from 5 to 7 divisions

Following his announcement to commit to restoring the House of Assembly from 25 to 35 seats, the Premier wrote to the Electoral Commissioner on 3 June 2022, requesting advice on the consequences of revising the existing House of Assembly electoral boundaries from 5 electorates to 7 electorates.

TEC submission in relation to Electoral Disclosure and Funding Bill 2021

In February 2021, the Government published its final report on a review into the Tasmanian Electoral Act 2004. The Government accepted in principle all recommendations in the Review and following the 2021 State election, drafted legislation to introduce a State-based political donations scheme. During the consultation period in relation to the Electoral Disclosure and Funding Bill 2021 and the Electoral Matters (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2021, the TEC lodged a submission.

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